New Slots For December 2019: New Year’s Bonanza & Kingdoms Rise Reign of Ice

new slots for DecemberThis is always a busy period for new slot releases, with developers looking to cash in on what should be a very busy Christmas period, with people looking for ways to relax and take their mind off just how busy things can be.

Here is our monthly look at what new slot releases we have this month that you can play inside your favourite casino, with both festive slots and normal slots on offer from some of the biggest providers.

Festive Slots Dominate New Release List

As you would expect, across November and December we have seen a large number of festive slot games released and set for release.

We saw plenty of these arrive on the market in November, and we have another three set for release in December, to give those who love playing slots based on the festive period a great choice from which they can select the ones they want to play.

1X2 Gaming Release Christmas Duo

space christmas

We have not one, but two, Christmas slot games released by 1X2 Gaming in December. The first of those is Xmas 3×3, part of a 3×3 series that 1X2 Gaming have released, following on from games such as Rainbow 3×3 and World Cup 3×3.

This is a classic arcade slot game, with nine pay lines and one of those each appearing on the separate nine boxes which come together to form the 3×3 grid which gives the game its name. This is not a slot title packed full of features, but it does offer a simple way of gaming with a slightly different look compared to normal slot games, and all of this comes with a festive feel in terms of the symbols used on the reels.

You can expect to see symbols such as Christmas hats, holly, presents, snowflakes and much more to get you in the mood for Christmas while you play along with this game.

The second release from 1X2 games is a more traditional looking slot game and this is Space Christmas. This game combines two things together, the traditional feel of Christmas with outer space, so if you like both of these then this game is almost tailor made for you.

The game has a standard layout to it, simply and easy to pick up if you are a novice slot player, while also offering a solid 96% RTP and a jackpot of up to 800x your stake, so if you play the maximum stake amount you could find yourself winning a jackpot prize of £40,000.

Look out for the brilliantly put together rocket sleight which is another little touch where the developers have crossed the space theme with Christmas, this is a bonus game available on this slot. Here you have five different chances to win as you pick a prize, and each pick you make will give you some kind of win, so it is a great feature to jump in to. The shooting star wild symbol is also worth remembering, this can substitute other symbols on the reels to give you additional chances to win.

Christmas themed games are always a little popular but from time to time they feel very similar to each other. However, the addition of a space theme into this one creates some nice new symbols to look out for, and adds a different element to the game. If you are looking for something a little different to play this year, away from the standard Christmas slot but you still want to feel festive then this could be the one for you.

Playtech Take Different Approach with New Year Slot Game

new year bonanza

While Christmas slots are exciting at this time of year, the market out there is full of games which all have a similar feel to them, forcing many developers to try and find a new angle they can use during the festive period. Playtech have decided to move away from Christmas all together with one of their releases this month, and instead they are focusing on the New Year celebrations that many of us participate in.

The New Year is a great reason to celebrate, and a big occasion for many people around the world who like to party as they welcome in the start of a fresh year. However, despite many people celebrating this, we rarely see slot titles based around it, until now that it.

The New Year’s Bonanza slot from Playtech is based around the celebrations at this time of year, with symbols matching what many of us will be doing. These include champagne glasses, a champagne bottle, a clock to represent midnight and some music symbols too, very different to those we see on the Christmas slots that are on the market.

Look out for rocket expanding wilds which can take over your reels, standard wilds, free spins and multipliers while you are playing this action packed game that has a total of 50 win lines.

If you want to play something based around the festive period as a whole but don’t like or are already bored of the Christmas slots on the market then this is a great alternative to try out, based around the New Year celebrations that many of us will be taking in on New Year’s Eve.

Playtech Add a New Title to Kingdoms Rise Series

kindoms rise series

The Kingdoms Rise series has been very well received by players, with three other titles currently available and this month, Playtech have added another to that with a release called Kingdoms Rise: Reign of Ice.

The other three games that form the series were all released together, while this is a new title released alone to accompany them. The series offers you different kingdoms to play inside, and this one is based around the ice theme, which is the perfect theme to have released during the winter months.

The RTP% on the game is an impressive 96.26%, with a total of 25 active pay lines to play on if you wish. You have three progressive jackpots to aim for here, named Epic, Power Strike and Daily Strike and with this form of gaming being very popular at the moment, this is sure to attract players to this title, even if they haven’t played any of the other three titles in the series.

While having an ice theme, the game also takes you back in time to an ancient world, so those who like this aspect of other slot games should enjoy this one. Overall, with a very nice RTP%, progressive jackpots to aim for and the fact that many will know this series due to the previous three releases in it, this is likely to be a popular choice with players over the next few months.

Blueprint Gaming Take us Back in Time to the American Revolution

Blueprint Gaming have a release this month that will take us all back in time to the American Revolution. Their new slot title, named Revolution: Patriot’s Fortune will take us back a time before America existed as we know today, and anyone interested in American history will not doubt be intrigued by this game.

The symbols on this game are in line with the theme on offer, so look out for battling armies, soldiers, bugles, drums, cannons, pistols and much more related to this period and the battle that took place.

This is not a topic that people will normally associate with slot gaming, so it is unique to see this kind of slot. There are people out there interested in American history and especially the revolution that took place and for these people, this game offers the unique chance to step back in time, get a feel for what happened and play on a nice looking slot game.