Can I Claim an Online Bingo Welcome Offer Twice?

BonusEveryone loves a bargain, so welcome offers at online bingo sites can be pretty tempting for players looking for a bit of a freebie.

They are all different of course, but welcome offers tend to be pretty good value when compared to regular customer offers because, well, they are trying to attract new customers and to do that they need to dangle a slightly larger carrot.

However, the downside is that welcome offers are single use products, a bit like a gift card – once they’ve been used they are gone.

It would be amazing if we could use them over and over but this is extremely unlikely to be allowed, although saying that, there are a few types of welcome offer which stretch that little bit further.

Why Can Online Bingo Welcome Offers Only Be Used Once?

CakeIf you were a cake business trying to attract new customers you might have a coupon giving each customer a free cake with their first purchase. This would make more people come to your shop and try your yummy treats, but you would be making less or maybe even losing money by giving away so much cake for free.

However, those customers would probably come back and buy more cakes in the future so you would be ‘buying’ their future custom with your free cakes. It’s called a ‘loss leader’ in marketing lingo, and it basically means you are swapping a small loss now for a greater profit later on. You wouldn’t keep giving away free cakes because you would go bankrupt, but doing it once buys you a loyal following of cake enthusiasts.

(Anyone else getting hungry?)

Bingo sites do the same thing with their welcome offers. If they were that generous all of the time they wouldn’t make enough money, and this is why welcome offers always come with single use terms, and any attempt to take advantage of the offer will probably be met with account closure.

However, not all welcome offers are created equal and there are some that last a little bit longer than others.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Deposit Bonuses

Bingo Deposit BonusA regular welcome offer might match your first deposit by 100% in bonus money, basically giving you double the amount to play with. That bonus money will probably come with its own conditions but once it’s been used that’s it.

However, some welcome offers will match your first deposit by one amount, your second by another, and so on. It might look like this:

  • 1st Deposit = 100% bonus
  • 2nd Deposit = 75% bonus
  • 3rd Deposit = 50% bonus

This gives you much more incentive to stick around and keep playing at the site, and depending on how often you play it might even cover a month’s worth of deposits.

Ok, so it’s not technically using an offer more than once, but it is an offer that has multiple uses. Plus, if you are someone who deposits fairly large amounts, you will be getting an awful lot of bonus money to wade through.

Of course, these offers tend to come with an upper limit but that is to be expected.

Regular Customer Bonuses

Cashback and RewardsJust because the welcome offer is a one time deal, that doesn’t mean the rewards stop coming all together.

All bingo sites run offers and promotions for their existing customers too, and while they may not be as generous as the welcome offer they are usually worth claiming.

Some do this by way of loyalty rewards and some have loyalty rewards on top of offers and bonuses, but if you find a site that provides promotions and loyalty rewards that suit your style and frequency of play then it is worth far more than a good welcome bonus.

This is because it will reward you steadily and consistently over time, like a cashback credit card or supermarket points, so picking a bingo site isn’t all about the welcome offer, you have to think more long term.

How to Use Bingo Welcome Bonuses More Than Once

Woman Holding Money

The heading for this section is click bait really, because as we know it isn’t possible to use a bingo welcome bonus more than once, but with so many different bingo sites out there, you can always shop around.

There are literally hundreds of online bingo sites in operation and they all want your business, so there is nothing to stop you hopping from one to the other. You will run out eventually but new sites launch each year so you should find a slow but steady fresh supply.

It’s not really the best tactic though because, as mentioned above, a lot of sites have regular customer offers as well as loyalty rewards, but still, if you see a welcome bonus you like at a site you haven’t signed up with there’s nothing to stop you registering and taking advantage.

What’s more, all bingo sites run on the same handful of bingo networks, so you might even find you can play in the exact same bingo rooms on your new site as your old one. If they are not on the same network this won’t be the case though.

It’s worth mentioning that some companies own more than one bingo site, and they may not allow the same customer to claim the welcome bonus at more than one of their sites. It all depends on their terms so either check first or just be prepared not to qualify for the welcome bonus.