Cash Out Bingo

Cashout Bingo LogoHave you ever been so close to winning a full house that you have quietly said to yourself that you would take less of a prize if you could just be guaranteed of the win?

That’s sort of what Cash Out Bingo offers you.

It’s a regular 90 ball bingo game in all ways but one, but it gives players who are nearly oh so lucky the option to guarantee some winnings in return for ending the game early.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have 1TG to win the full house, you will have the option to take a guaranteed smaller prize or keep playing and for someone else to potentially win, leaving you with nothing.

That’s the crux of the matter, and here is how it works.

How to Play Cash Out Bingo

Cashout Bingo

Games start every 4 minutes or so, and tickets can be pre-bought, so there is plenty of time to get ready before starting a game.

Once you have your tickets and the bingo balls start rolling it’s business as usual, except if you get a line you win nothing, and if you win two lines you get nothing.

This might be a shock but even though this is a 90 ball game this one is all about the full house, you either win that (or cash out at 1TG) or you win nothing.

If you do get 1TG you will be given 20 seconds to decide whether to cash out or keep playing, and if you don’t decide in time the game will automatically continue.

This means the games are some of the slowest paced as there is a long way to go before anyone gets close to winning, so it’s a good game for players with small bank rolls but plenty of time.