40 Ball Bingo

40 Ball BingoPlaying bingo with just 40 balls means the games really whizz by.

Those who enjoy fast paced games would find a lot to enjoy here because it’s simply a case of buying your tickets, spending a short time seeing if you have won or not, and then going again.

You can buy your tickets as singles but most people tend to buy a strip of five, or many strips of five, but it’s up to you.

Each ticket contains just two lines of four spaces each, so there are 8 spaces in total and they all have numbers in them. That means there are four vertical columns on each ticket, and the numbers you might find in them are:

1st Column 2nd Column 3rd Column 4th Column
1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40

There is a little bit of variation in the way winning tickets are decided, but obviously with such a small ticket there are only so many options possible.

40 Ball Bingo Tickets

Depending on the specific game you are playing you could win by getting:

  • 1 Line
  • 4 squares left/right
  • Full house/2 lines

That is all there is room for really but again, this version of the game is built for speed so the lack of further winning options isn’t a problem as you should get through many more games in the same amount of time, so your chances to win per hour aren’t hindered.

The most famous version of 40 ball bingo is arguably Rainbow Riches which is where our example image comes from, and that has a few other features built into the game which make it multi-layered and a lot more fun, so bingo companies are using their imaginations with these shorter form variations.

You can win more than once on the same ticket too, so just because you win the 1 line part of the game it doesn’t count you out from winning the full house prize.