Can Two People in the Same House Have an Account at the Same Online Bingo Site?

HouseIf you live with another adult who loves a bit of bingo as much as you do, then it stands to reason that you will both want to play as and when the mood takes you.

However, since you both share the same address and the same IP address (this is like your internet address), your bingo site might start asking questions.

This is because it is against the terms and conditions to create multiple accounts at the same site, since it could break certain money laundering rules as well as open up bonus abuse.

And what do two accounts using the same IP and the same physical address look like? That’s right, it could look like someone creating multiple accounts to fiddle the system.

It’s a tricky one. So where do you stand as a genuine couple of players who live together, who just want to enjoy some bingo in your down time?

Multiple Online Bingo Accounts from the Same Address

The good news is that two people living at the same address can both have online bingo accounts; the bad news is that not all sites will let you.

It is down to the bingo site in question really, and some will be stricter than others.

If you want to sign up to a bingo site that your Mum, housemate, or whoever else that lives with you has already signed up to, then the best thing to do is contact the site first.

This shows from the outset that you are an honest customer, and also creates a paper trail if you do it by email. That way, if they ever challenge you in the future you can prove that you had permission in the past. Although as long as you have proper ID and use separate payment methods it’s usually fine.

If you come across a site that won’t let you create an account of your own, then there are some other options.

Use Different Bingo Sites

Different Bingo SitesThere are no shortage of bingo sites out there, so if everyone living in your house is bingo bonkers you could always divvy up who plays where.

That way you all have a number of sites to choose from and don’t run into any problems.

Plus, with so many sites running on the same bingo networks you can even be playing the same games and competing for the same prizes, just from different sites.

There is hardly any compromise to be made here so it’s a win win situation.

Play Together

Play Bingo TogetherYou could always pool your resources and play at the same time. This way you are both using the same account but not technically breaking any rules.

If one deposits £20 and the other hands over a £10 note you have both put the same amount into the kitty, can play at the same time, and then split any winnings down the middle.

So long as you trust the person who the account is registered to (or the other person trusts you if you are the one with the account) then it could be a fun and sociable way to get around the issue.

Careful here though, because money can cause arguments even between the closest of friends, so it’s probably not a good idea with larger amounts.

Use Different Bank Accounts

Bank CardsOne thing that absolutely will not fly is depositing into two different accounts using the same debit card or bank details.

This won’t be a problem for many people but if you have a joint account with someone who is already registered make sure you do not try and use the same account.

It’s always best to have your own individual account to use with your bingo site, even if you have to set one up especially. It will also help to monitor your bank roll.

A Note on VPNs and IP Address Changes

VPNSome people may suggest using VPNs or resetting your modem to get a new IP address.

We would not recommend this as it will break the site’s terms and conditions and leave you in the lurch if anything happens.

If you break the rules and then have an issue, you are in a much weaker position and the bingo site could be within their rights to withhold winnings and close your account. Not good.

It’s always best to do things in the correct and responsible way, so no matter how tempting it might be to try and find a work around, don’t.


Forewarned is forearmed and all that, so it will help to know the issues you might run into by having multiple accounts registered from the same household. If and when these problems come along then you will know what to do about them.

So, here are a few things that could be a bit of a thorn in your side and what you might be able to do about them.


bingo bonusesYou might find that bingo sites will happily allow you to sign up for an account at the same site as someone you live with, but they might tell you not to use the same bonuses.

Many sites have a ‘one bonus per household’ policy. This is to make sure that bonus abuse isn’t going on; i.e that someone isn’t using the same bonus twice.

It’s annoying but so long as you communicate with whoever you live with then you shouldn’t run into any problems.

If you do accidentally both claim the same bonus after being told not to, the contact the bingo site straight away and explain that it was an accident. This will prove you made an innocent mistake, and if you are a regular customer they shouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

Honesty is the key.

Extra Checks

Drivers LicenseSome sites have an awful lot of customers so they can’t remember everyone who plays with them. This might mean you and your housemate are happily playing at the same site for months or even years, before you get an ominous email.

Something may have flagged on the system warning the bingo site that there is a possible rule break situation going on, with more than one account playing from the same address.

You may need to provide evidence of your separate identities or more detailed evidence that you are not in fact the same person.

So long as this checks out the matter should be finished, it’s just a hassle and maybe even a little worrying if it happens.

Account Limiting or Closure

Account ClosedThis is only likely to happen if you create a second account from the same address and don’t tell the company first. In some cases they might stop you during the registration stage, it depends how their flagging system works.

Basically though, if the site spots something unusual and they don’t have any information on it, they might limit or suspend your account without notice until they have figured out what is going on.

Some stricter sites might even close your account and refuse to talk to you about it. This is rare but not unheard of.

You can often get in touch and iron things out, but this is not a good way to start your relationship with the bingo site so always try and get ahead of problems by talking to them first.