On Bingo Websites we’ve written a number of different guides on everything from how to play bingo to common bingo chat room terms.

You can find a list of these articles below.

There is also a handy ‘Game Guides’ article below which will take you through each and every bingo game and variation we have found on the internet.


Bingo Game Guides

Bingo Game GuidesBingo may be a simple enough game to play at its heart, but there are a growing number of variations on what we might consider the ‘standard’ game, and some of them can look very different indeed.

To help you out, we have put together a guide for each variation out there, from your bang average 90 ball game right the way through to 30 ball and even some crazier versions that are particularly individual.

What Was The First Online Bingo Site?

Bingo keyboard button screenshotThe game itself has been around since time immemorial, but when the internet came along it gave our beloved game of bingo a new lease of life.

These days, there are seemingly hundreds of different online bingo sites vying for our attention, you can’t even get through a night in front of the telly without one of them popping up trying to entice you in, but where did it all begin?

This article answers that question and more, as well as covering bingo history in general. There is some great bingo trivia in here.

What Was The First UK Bingo Hall?

bingo game 1941
Conrad Poirier / Public domain

Bingo has been played in one for or another for centuries.  Having taken off in the USA its modern form migrated over to the UK through the armed forces during WWII.

However, prior to the 1960 gambling legislation cash games were mostly illegal in the UK.

The 1960 Gambling Act for the first time allowed things like bookmaker shops and bingo halls in cities and working class communities engaged with it in their masses.

We look at how bingo came to the UK and how it exploded from the 1960’s onwards and what were the first halls set up.

Benefits of Online Bingo

retro bingo hall sign screenshot
Credit: Jakobienvanderweijden/

For those of you that have always stuck to the real thing, you might be wondering why anyone bothers playing bingo on a computer screen.

Afterall, if you aren’t in the room with all of the other payers then there is no atmosphere and no fun to be had, right? Actually, it’s not quite a simple as that.

While a night at the bingo with friends is great fun and a wonderful opportunity to socialize, it’s not always possible or convenient, and that’s when online bingo comes into its own. There are plenty of other benefits to dabbing online as well, though, as you will see in this article.

Online Bingo Sites with Real Bingo Halls

mecca bingo hall screenshot
Credit: .Martin./

There is certainly room for both online and real world bingo to have their place in the industry, and many people enjoy a spot of both at various different times.

If you have a local bingo hall near you then the chances are it will belong to one of the big names in the industry, and if that is the case then you can guarantee they will have a website too so that you can enjoy their services however and whenever you choose.

But with so many online bingo sites these days the same cannot be said when the tables are turned; hardly any online bingo sites have their own physical bingo halls. Luckily, for you, this article breaks down in detail all of those bingo sites that do.

How Does Online Bingo Work?

online bingo mouse and lotto balls screenshotIf you have always stuck to your local bingo hall and never ventured online to get your bingo fix, then the online bingo world might seem like a scary and confusing place.

It can be busier, faster paced, there are more tickets and people distracting you in the chat room, but there really is nothing to worry about. In fact, there are far more positive points than negative ones, and much more choice when it comes to game types as well.

In this article, we cover every aspect of playing online bingo, from which site to choose and which games to play, to how online bingo works and how to deposit and withdraw funds.

Bingo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

question mark screenshot
Credit: KarenEliot/

Got questions about the game of bingo or anything surrounding the game of bingo?

Chances are we have answered them here.

This page contains detailed answers on a range of subjects covering all things bingo, so read what’s inside, enlighten yourself, and be in the dark no more.

Whether your question is technical, about gameplay, how bonuses work, or you have safety concerns, we have endeavoured to answer all of your burning questions in the plainest possible terms.

Bingo Strategy

bingo strategy keyboard
Credit: GotCredit/

If you have mastered the basics and want to turn things up a notch then you are in the right place.Find out how to increase your chances of winning, learn how to know when to have a break or move on, and investigate a couple of theoretical bingo systems and see what you think of them.

You can’t control the numbers you get on your ticket or the order that the numbers are called, but you can control where you play, for how long, and with how much, so make sure you put yourself in the best possible position to be the next person shouting “house!”.

Biggest Online Bingo Winners

bingo winners screenshotIt’s the dream, isn’t it? You go down to your local bingo hall for a night out with the girls, or log on to your favourite site to spend a happy hour playing bingo, and by the time the evening is over you are rich.

It may be unlikely, but it does happen, and those people that have won the most are documented inside this article.

They all have their own stories, some thrived on their newfound weatlh while others struggled under the pressure and lost the lot. Read their stories and learn what to do and what not to do should your luck ever come in.

Biggest Bingo Companies

bet365 bingo

There are now hundreds if not thousands of brands that offer bingo but most of these are small operations that pale in comparison to the size of most casino and sports betting sites.

Still, there are some massive bingo companies out there, names that people would recognise even if they’ve never played bingo.

The old land-based companies such as Mecca and Gala still dominate the industry but as bingo moves progressively online companies such as bet365 have begun to take them on in size.

Impact of the Smoking Ban on Bingo

no smoking wall sign screenshot
Credit: BrookeRaymond/

It would be hard to argue that the smoking ban in 2007 was anything other than a positive step forward for the health of the nation, but it did have some negative side effects.

It came at a time when bingo was already in decline and when bingo halls up and down the country were closing their doors for the last time due to a lack of custom.

Once the smoking ban came in, it was another nail in the coffin for many of them, whose punters were smokers and were no longer able to feed their habit within the bingo halls themselves. But did it help boost the popularity of online bingo? Read this article and find out.

Is Online Bingo Legal in the UK?

Legal UKIt’s a valid question, and one that might not be all that obvious if you are new to online gambling or even to the internet.

The short answer is yes. Any form of gambling in the UK has to be licensed by the regulating body and in this article we explain just who that is and how it all works.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some dodgy operations going on, or sites operating without the proper license, so do give this article a read so that you can spot the real deal from the real steal.

Is Online Bingo a Scam or Fixed?

ScamThis is really two questions in one, but the real question is are online bingo websites trustworthy? In other words, can we trust them to operate fairly and ensure that we are all in with a winning chance?

The UK has one of the most regulated gambling industries in the world, and we go into a bit more detail as to how that makes you safer in this article.

You will also begin to understand the role of a Random Number Generator (RNG) and how its use ensures that every player has the exact same chance of winning as every other, and that the games are in now way ‘fixed’.

How Do You Complain About a Bingo Site?

ComplaintsOh dear.

It’s never good to see, but even despite everyone’s best efforts sometimes a bingo site or a bingo network will fall a little short of the mark.

If this has happened to you, then depending on the issue at hand there are a number of ways to handle your complaint, whether it be direct to the company in question, or whether you take it further to the UK’s regulating body.

This guide will take you through every step of the way, and hopefully help you towards a positive outcome.

Bingo Game Errors & What To Do About Them

game overBingo games are software generated and like most software based games they are not immune to bugs, crashes, dropouts and freezes.  But what happens to your game in the event of an error?

In reality the game should continue on the server of the game provider and you should be credited if you win.

This may not always be the case, however, so find out what to do if you think you’ve lost out because of an error.

What is the History of Bingo?

Bingo WinnerSo you want to know where it all began? You might be surprised to learn just how far back bingo’s roots can be traced.

Find out what the game looked like in its earliest form and discover how it developed and migrated to become such a well loved game in many countries world wide.

Impress your friends with your newfound bingo knowledge – it might even come in handy at a pub quiz one day!

Bingo Now Attracting A Younger Audience and More Men

young people playing bingoBingo has changed a huge amount over the last 30 years since the advent of bingo online and data now shows that bingo is attracting a younger audience and more men.

What is interesting is that in spite of most land-based bingo halls closing in the last two decades the audience in existing halls is also getting younger.

Bingo is becoming the game that appeals most widely to the most people.

What to do if you Think you Play Bingo Too Much

Ask For HelpBingo is fun, no doubt about it, but it is also gambling, and gambling can be addictive.

If you think that playing bingo has stopped being enjoyable and has started to become a problem, or if you are starting to spend more than you should, chase losses, or lie about how much you play, then you should seek help.

There is no shame in asking for help, and the sooner you get on top of it the easier it will be. This article will point you in the right direction to get you the help you need.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Bingo Progressive JackpotIt’s probably safe to assume that most people know what a jackpot is. It’s the big sum of money that can be won at the end of many different types of games or competitions.

A progressive jackpot is similar, but the way in which it is created stands it apart, and also enables the total figure to tower high above a regular old jackpot – over £1million in some cases.

Here we lay out how a progressive jackpot is created, how it grows, and how you stand the chance to win one.

Why Do I Have to Send ID to Online Bingo Sites?

Online IdentificationWe get it. A website asking for the most personal of your identification documents can be a little alarming if you don’t understand why they are doing it.

But fear not! The fact that they are asking is actually a good sign, because it is in fact a legal requirement. In other words; the government makes them do it.

The UK gambling industry is heavily regulated in order to keep customers and their details safe, and we explain what this means from a player’s point of view here.

Is Bingo Gambling?

Good Cause Charity TickdetIt’s an age old question. Bingo is not usually regarded in the same light as sports betting or casino games, and because of the lower stakes it is often seen more as a bit of fun rather than gambling.

But technically any activity where you wager money in the hope of winning money is classed as gambling, even the lottery, so it’s easy to understand why the argument can go both ways. The fact that bingo is often used as a fundraiser or at charity events further muddies the waters.

Have a quick read of this and see which side of the fence you are on.

What Bingo Games Can I Play?

75 ball bingo ticketIf you thought there was only one type of bingo then you are in for a treat.

There a plethora of variations on the game that we all know and love which use a different number of balls and adapted bingo cards to tweak the experience. This could affect the pace of play, the speed at which winners are made, or simply add a bit of character to the game in the way the numbers are laid out on the ticket.

In these innovating times there are even bingo games based on popular television programs and game shows. There is so much to explore, so come on in and have a mosey around.

Chat Terms

Internet Chat RoomIf you have been playing online bingo and cast your eyes towards the chat box, you will have seen other players talking to each other about how things are going.

You may also have seen what appears to be random letters like 1TG, B4N, or GG. What on earth do these mean?

Online bingo players have their own shorthand code or language which they use to communicate, but it can be alienating if you’ve never come across it before. In this article we serve up a table full of bingo chat terms that you can use to your hearts content.

How to Play Bingo

Bingo caller screenshotIt may be a fairly simple game but many people still have questions, so if you have never really played bingo before then this is a great place to start.

Everything is covered in simple terms that are easy to follow and understand. Confused between your Droopy Drawers and your Danny La Rue? This article holds the secret.

From how to buy tickets to how to notify the caller if you win, this guide will take you through a game of bingo step by step, and make you aware of the rules, quirks, and etiquette of a game of bingo.

What Are Bingo Networks?

Chat RoomNot a lot of bingo players know that bingo networks exist, let alone what they are. But without them, there would literally be no online bingo.

If you thought that everyone playing bingo with you was on the same website then think again. A bingo network brings many different sites together and allows players to experience busier, more exciting, and more lucrative games.

Some networks are bigger than others, some specialise in certain areas, and some have games that others do not. Get the skinny in here.

What Happens When a Bingo Site Closes?

Closed SignWith so many new bingo websites opening and closing every year, it pays to know what happens if the one you are using shuts up shop.

It’s not always as simple as withdrawing your funds and finding somewhere else to play, your money could actually be at risk.

Don’t like the sound of that? Neither do we, but there are ways to protect yourself.

Find out why it happens when a site stops trading, what to do about it, and how to make sure a bingo site closure doesn’t disrupt your gameplay habits or hit you in the pocket.

Why Do Churches Offer Bingo Nights?

Church BingoThe relationship between the church and bingo is an odd one when you think about it.

A lot of people might assume that the church is anti gambling, and bingo is most certainly classed as gambling.

But is this actually the case, and if it is, then how are church bingo nights justified?

This article looks at the reasons bingo is an attractive fund raising option for religious groups in the first place, and explores the moral dilemma faced by those who may be anti gambling but not anti bingo.

Mega Ball – Live Casino Game

Mega Ball LogoBingo players aren’t usually associated with frequenting the live casino, indeed most dedicated online bingo sites don’t even offer a live casino.

However, a new game from Evolution Gaming might well change that, because this exciting, fast paced, energy filled live casino game is heavily based on the game we all know and love – bingo.

It is the latest in a range of easy to play game show style games cropping up at live casinos, and if ever there was a reason to hop across and check one out, Mega Ball is it.

Are Bingo Chat Rooms Safe & Moderated

Chat ButtonHistorically, bingo is a pastime that allowed friends to get together, socialise and have fun, and maybe win a few pounds as well. When things went online the landscape changed a bit, but the online sites wanted the social aspect to remain and so created chat rooms to run alongside the games.

But how can you be sure that using these chat rooms is safe? Is there anyone in there to look after players or is it an every man or woman for themselves free for all? If you are worried, it’s much less scary than you might imagine.

Let us explain why.

When is the Best Time to Play Bingo?

Bingo ClockBingo players always want to give themselves the best chance of winning, whether that is by buying more tickets or by carrying their lucky rabbit’s foot.

But you might be able to get a little more luck on your side by being strategic as to exactly when you sit down to play your favourite game.

Sure, it’s a game of chance, but depending on your ambitions there is something that you can do to tip the balance a little more in your favour.