On Bingo Websites we’ve written a number of different guides on everything from how to play bingo to common bingo chat room terms.

You can find a list of these articles below.

There is also a handy ‘Game Guides’ article below which will take you through each and every bingo game and variation we have found on the internet.


How To Play Bingo

Bingo caller screenshot

It may be a fairly simple game but many people still have questions, so if you have never really played bingo before then this is a great place to start.

Everything is covered in simple terms that are easy to follow and understand. Confused between your Droopy Drawers and your Danny La Rue? This article holds the secret.

From how to buy tickets to how to notify the caller if you win, this guide will take you through a game of bingo step by step, and make you aware of the rules, quirks, and etiquette of a game of bingo.

Online Bingo Chat Terms

Internet Chat Room

If you have been playing online bingo and cast your eyes towards the chat box, you will have seen other players talking to each other about how things are going.

You may also have seen what appears to be random letters like 1TG, B4N, or GG. What on earth do these mean?

Online bingo players have their own shorthand code or language which they use to communicate, but it can be alienating if you’ve never come across it before. In this article we serve up a table full of bingo chat terms that you can use to your hearts content.

How Do You Complain About a Bingo Site?


Oh dear.

It’s never good to see, but even despite everyone’s best efforts sometimes a bingo site or a bingo network will fall a little short of the mark.

If this has happened to you, then depending on the issue at hand there are a number of ways to handle your complaint, whether it be direct to the company in question, or whether you take it further to the UK’s regulating body.

This guide will take you through every step of the way, and hopefully help you towards a positive outcome.

Is Bingo Gambling?

Good Cause Charity Tickdet

It’s an age old question. Bingo is not usually regarded in the same light as sports betting or casino games, and because of the lower stakes it is often seen more as a bit of fun rather than gambling.

But technically any activity where you wager money in the hope of winning money is classed as gambling, even the lottery, so it’s easy to understand why the argument can go both ways. The fact that bingo is often used as a fundraiser or at charity events further muddies the waters.

Have a quick read of this and see which side of the fence you are on.

Is Online Bingo a Scam, Fixed or Trustworthy?


This is really two questions in one, but the real question is are online bingo websites trustworthy? In other words, can we trust them to operate fairly and ensure that we are all in with a winning chance?

The UK has one of the most regulated gambling industries in the world, and we go into a bit more detail as to how that makes you safer in this article.

You will also begin to understand the role of a Random Number Generator (RNG) and how its use ensures that every player has the exact same chance of winning as every other, and that the games are in now way ‘fixed’.

Is Online Bingo Legal in the UK?

Legal UK

It’s a valid question, and one that might not be all that obvious if you are new to online gambling or even to the internet.

The short answer is yes. Any form of gambling in the UK has to be licensed by the regulating body and in this article we explain just who that is and how it all works.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some dodgy operations going on, or sites operating without the proper license, so do give this article a read so that you can spot the real deal from the real steal.

What Bingo Games Can I Play Online?

75 ball bingo ticket

If you thought there was only one type of bingo then you are in for a treat.

There a plethora of variations on the game that we all know and love which use a different number of balls and adapted bingo cards to tweak the experience. This could affect the pace of play, the speed at which winners are made, or simply add a bit of character to the game in the way the numbers are laid out on the ticket.

In these innovating times there are even bingo games based on popular television programs and game shows. There is so much to explore, so come on in and have a mosey around.

What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

Bingo Progressive Jackpot

It’s probably safe to assume that most people know what a jackpot is. It’s the big sum of money that can be won at the end of many different types of games or competitions.

A progressive jackpot is similar, but the way in which it is created stands it apart, and also enables the total figure to tower high above a regular old jackpot – over £1million in some cases.

Here we lay out how a progressive jackpot is created, how it grows, and how you stand the chance to win one.

What is the History of Bingo?

Bingo Queue Working Class

So you want to know where it all began? You might be surprised to learn just how far back bingo’s roots can be traced.

Find out what the game looked like in its earliest form and discover how it developed and migrated to become such a well loved game in many countries world wide.

Impress your friends with your newfound bingo knowledge – it might even come in handy at a pub quiz one day!

What to Do if you Think you Play Bingo Too Much?

Ask For Help

Bingo is fun, no doubt about it, but it is also gambling, and gambling can be addictive.

If you think that playing bingo has stopped being enjoyable and has started to become a problem, or if you are starting to spend more than you should, chase losses, or lie about how much you play, then you should seek help.

There is no shame in asking for help, and the sooner you get on top of it the easier it will be. This article will point you in the right direction to get you the help you need.

Why Do I Have To Send In ID To An Online Bingo Site?

Online Identification

We get it. A website asking for the most personal of your identification documents can be a little alarming if you don’t understand why they are doing it.

But fear not! The fact that they are asking is actually a good sign, because it is in fact a legal requirement. In other words; the government makes them do it.

The UK gambling industry is heavily regulated in order to keep customers and their details safe, and we explain what this means from a player’s point of view here.

The Impact Of The Smoking Ban On Local Bingo Halls

no smoking wall sign screenshot

It would be hard to argue that the smoking ban in 2007 was anything other than a positive step forward for the health of the nation, but it did have some negative side effects.

It came at a time when bingo was already in decline and when bingo halls up and down the country were closing their doors for the last time due to a lack of custom.

Once the smoking ban came in, it was another nail in the coffin for many of them, whose punters were smokers and were no longer able to feed their habit within the bingo halls themselves. But did it help boost the popularity of online bingo? Read this article and find out.

Biggest Ever Bingo Jackpot Winners

bingo winners screenshot

It’s the dream, isn’t it? You go down to your local bingo hall for a night out with the girls, or log on to your favourite site to spend a happy hour playing bingo, and by the time the evening is over you are rich.

It may be unlikely, but it does happen, and those people that have won the most are documented inside this article.

They all have their own stories, some thrived on their newfound weatlh while others struggled under the pressure and lost the lot. Read their stories and learn what to do and what not to do should your luck ever come in.

Bingo Strategy

bingo strategy keyboard

If you have mastered the basics and want to turn things up a notch then you are in the right place.Find out how to increase your chances of winning, learn how to know when to have a break or move on, and investigate a couple of theoretical bingo systems and see what you think of them.

You can’t control the numbers you get on your ticket or the order that the numbers are called, but you can control where you play, for how long, and with how much, so make sure you put yourself in the best possible position to be the next person shouting “house!”.

Bingo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

question mark screenshot

Got questions about online bingo or anything surrounding playing the game online?

Chances are, we have answered them here.

This page contains short sharp detailed answers on a range of subjects covering all things online bingo, as well as links to articles that go deeper into the subject. So read what’s inside, enlighten yourself, and be in the dark no more.

Whether your question is technical, about gameplay, how bonuses work, or you have safety concerns, we have endeavoured to answer all of your burning questions in the plainest possible terms.

How Does Online Bingo Work

online bingo mouse and lotto balls screenshot

If you have always stuck to your local bingo hall and never ventured online to get your bingo fix, then the online bingo world might seem like a scary and confusing place.

It can be busier, faster paced, there are more tickets and people distracting you in the chat room, but there really is nothing to worry about. In fact, there are far more positive points than negative ones, and much more choice when it comes to game types as well.

In this article, we cover every aspect of playing online bingo, from which site to choose and which games to play, to how online bingo works and how to deposit and withdraw funds.

Online Bingo Sites With Land Based Bingo Halls

mecca bingo hall screenshot

There is certainly room for both online and real world bingo to have their place in the industry, and many people enjoy a spot of both at various different times.

If you have a local bingo hall near you then the chances are it will belong to one of the big names in the industry, and if that is the case then you can guarantee they will have a website too so that you can enjoy their services however and whenever you choose.

But with so many online bingo sites these days the same cannot be said when the tables are turned; hardly any online bingo sites have their own physical bingo halls. Luckily, for you, this article breaks down in detail all of those bingo sites that do.

Benefits of Online Bingo

retro bingo hall sign screenshot

For those of you that have always stuck to the real thing, you might be wondering why anyone bothers playing bingo on a computer screen.

Afterall, if you aren’t in the room with all of the other payers then there is no atmosphere and no fun to be had, right? Actually, it’s not quite a simple as that.

While a night at the bingo with friends is great fun and a wonderful opportunity to socialize, it’s not always possible or convenient, and that’s when online bingo comes into its own. There are plenty of other benefits to dabbing online as well, though, as you will see in this article.

What Was The First Online Bingo Site

Bingo keyboard button screenshot

The game itself has been around since time immemorial, but when the internet came along it gave our beloved game of bingo a new lease of life.

These days, there are seemingly hundreds of different online bingo sites vying for our attention, you can’t even get through a night in front of the telly without one of them popping up trying to entice you in, but where did it all begin?

This article answers that question and more, as well as covering bingo history in general. There is some great bingo trivia in here.

What Are Bingo Networks?

Chat Room

Not a lot of bingo players know that bingo networks exist, let alone what they are. But without them, there would literally be no online bingo.

If you thought that everyone playing bingo with you was on the same website then think again. A bingo network brings many different sites together and allows players to experience busier, more exciting, and more lucrative games.

Some networks are bigger than others, some specialise in certain areas, and some have games that others do not. Get the skinny in here.

What Happens if a Bingo Site Closes?

sorry we are closed sign

With so many new bingo websites opening and closing every year, it pays to know what happens if the one you are using shuts up shop.

It’s not always as simple as withdrawing your funds and finding somewhere else to play, your money could actually be at risk.

Don’t like the sound of that? Neither do we, but there are ways to protect yourself.

Find out why it happens when a site stops trading, what to do about it, and how to make sure a bingo site closure doesn’t disrupt your gameplay habits or hit you in the pocket.

Why do Churches Offer Bingo Nights?

Church Bingo

The relationship between the church and bingo is an odd one when you think about it.

A lot of people might assume that the church is anti gambling, and bingo is most certainly classed as gambling.

But is this actually the case, and if it is, then how are church bingo nights justified?

This article looks at the reasons bingo is an attractive fund raising option for religious groups in the first place, and explores the moral dilemma faced by those who may be anti gambling but not anti bingo.

Bingo Game Errors And What To Do About Them

game over

Bingo games are software generated and like most software based games they are not immune to bugs, crashes, dropouts and freezes. But what happens to your game in the event of an error?

In reality the game should continue on the server of the game provider and you should be credited if you win.

This may not always be the case, however, so find out what to do if you think you’ve lost out because of an error.

Mega Ball - Live Casino Bingo Themed Game

Mega Ball Logo

Bingo players aren’t usually associated with frequenting the live casino, indeed most dedicated online bingo sites don’t even offer a live casino.

However, a new game from Evolution Gaming might well change that, because this exciting, fast paced, energy filled live casino game is heavily based on the game we all know and love – bingo.

It is the latest in a range of easy to play game show style games cropping up at live casinos, and if ever there was a reason to hop across and check one out, Mega Ball is it.

Biggest Bingo Companies

bet365 bingo

There are now hundreds if not thousands of brands that offer bingo but most of these are small operations that pale in comparison to the size of most casino and sports betting sites.

Still, there are some massive bingo companies out there, names that people would recognise even if they’ve never played bingo.

The old land-based companies such as Mecca and Gala still dominate the industry but as bingo moves progressively online companies such as bet365 have begun to take them on in size.

Bingo Now Attracts Younger Players and More Men

young people playing bingo

Bingo has changed a huge amount over the last 30 years since the advent of bingo online and data now shows that bingo is attracting a younger audience and more men.

What is interesting is that in spite of most land-based bingo halls closing in the last two decades the audience in existing halls is also getting younger.

Bingo is becoming the game that appeals most widely to the most people.

Are Online Bingo Chat Rooms Safe & Moderated?

Chat Button

Historically, bingo is a pastime that allowed friends to get together, socialise and have fun, and maybe win a few pounds as well. When things went online the landscape changed a bit, but the online sites wanted the social aspect to remain and so created chat rooms to run alongside the games.

But how can you be sure that using these chat rooms is safe? Is there anyone in there to look after players or is it an every man or woman for themselves free for all? If you are worried, it’s much less scary than you might imagine.

Let us explain why.

Bingo Game Guides

Bingo Game Guides

Bingo may be a simple enough game to play at its heart, but there are a growing number of variations on what we might consider the ‘standard’ game, and some of them can look very different indeed.

To help you out, we have put together a guide for each variation out there, from your bang average 90 ball game right the way through to 30 ball and even some crazier versions that are particularly individual.

First Bingo Hall In The UK

bingo game 1941

Bingo has been played in one for or another for centuries. Having taken off in the USA its modern form migrated over to the UK through the armed forces during WWII.

However, prior to the 1960 gambling legislation cash games were mostly illegal in the UK.

The 1960 Gambling Act for the first time allowed things like bookmaker shops and bingo halls in cities and working class communities engaged with it in their masses.

We look at how bingo came to the UK and how it exploded from the 1960’s onwards and what were the first halls set up.

When is the Best Time to Play Bingo

clock screenshot

Bingo players always want to give themselves the best chance of winning, whether that is by buying more tickets or by carrying their lucky rabbit’s foot.

But you might be able to get a little more luck on your side by being strategic as to exactly when you sit down to play your favourite game.

Sure, it’s a game of chance, but depending on your ambitions there is something that you can do to tip the balance a little more in your favour.

How Old do You Need to be to Play Bingo?

Bingo Age limit

The answer to this comes down to whether or not bingo is legally classed as gambling, and as you hopefully already know, it is.

However, there are occasions where those under the legal gambling age can play bingo, and in this article we also explore why some people don’t believe bingo is gambling at all.

It absolutely is by the way, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Are You More Likely to Win if There are Less People in a Room?

Woman Celebrates Online Bingo Win

You would think so, wouldn’t you; but what is the truth here?

There is a little more to consider than just how many people are playing, even though a room with less players would give each player a higher probability of winning.

If you think too hard about this it can make your head swim, but luckily we have broken it all down into simple bite size chunks within this article.

You are very welcome.

What is the Difference Between Bingo and Keno?

Keno vs Bingo

Ah so you have been seeing this game around but have no idea whether it is worth trying, or how it compares to your beloved bingo? Let us help you decide.

Keno has been around for 3,000 years so although it isn’t in the same league as bingo these days it clearly has its’ fans, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them.

It is just as easy to play as bingo, games are much quicker too, but it does tend to cost a bit more per game. Then again you can win huge money if you get lucky, so it’s not a game that can be easily passed over.

Why Are Bingo Games Aimed at Women?

Women and Bingo

If you are reading this there is a 75% chance that you are female. That is an official statistic on the gender of online bingo players, and explains why so much of the marketing for bingo is aimed at females.

But why is this?

There must have been a point where we all collectively decided that bingo is a girls game, right? Well, not really, but bingo does seem to appeal to women more than men generally speaking.

Of course this is not true 100% of the time, but when we look into it the statistics make sense. A lot of what bingo has to offer appeals to characteristics more traditionally associated with women, and this article explores why as well as the other things bingo players have in common.

Are Bingo Side Games Worth Playing?

Bingo Side Games

Games to play while you are playing a game – what madness is this!? Believe it or not bingo side games have their place in the online bingo world; just think about what you usually do in the downtime waiting for the next game to start.

Maybe you twiddle your thumbs, scroll on your phone, stare into space – whatever it is, this is the void that side games are there to fill.

There are plenty of different kinds of side game, and while they all have a purpose are any of them actually worth playing?

You can certainly win a lot of money on them if you are lucky, but bingo operators don’t put them there out of the goodness of their hearts, so the trick is to make them work for you and not for the bingo site.

Can You Play Online Bingo On Your Mobile?

Bingo on Mobile

These days you can do everything on your mobile, can’t you? Banking, dating, booking tickets, switching energy providers – in fact, one of the things we probably use our phones for the least is calling people!

Online bingo is one of the many things you can now do on your mobile, but it isn’t an afterthought. More people play bingo via their mobiles now than ever before, and mobile daubing has even overtaken playing on a laptop.

A lot of people’s next question might have been ‘is mobile bingo any good’? But that question answers itself as soon as you give it a shot.

Nevertheless, we take a deep dive into the subject in this article, including looking at how to get going using apps and mobile websites.

Can You Play Online Bingo on Holiday Abroad?

Bingo on Holiday

It stands to reason that if you find bingo a relaxing and fun way to spend your time, you might want to enjoy it while away on a holiday where the only thing on your to do list is to let your hair down.

However, much less relaxing is the hassle you might have to endure to get access.

Due to licensing laws in different countries, it can be very difficult (sometimes impossible) to access your favourite bingo site while abroad, leaving you in bingo limbo.

But is it possible, and if so, how do you manage it? That’s what this article is all about.

What are Wagering Requirements With Online Bingo?


We know the fine details can be a bit boring, but if you don’t understand wagering requirements it could end up costing you money.

Wagering requirements can make what looks like a good offer on the surface a bad offer in reality, but knowing even the tiniest bit about them can help you to spot this in seconds.

Us bingo players tend to enjoy lower wagering requirements than our friends who play at online casinos, so we do have it easier than them, but there are some other terms connected to wagering that can also have an impact.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Online Bingo?

Cost to Play Bingo

There is a reason that online bingo attracts the attention of people from all walks of life, and that’s because it is affordable.

You can buy a bingo ticket for the lowly sum of 1p if that’s all you have left in your account, enjoy the game, and even if you only win a few pounds you have made a huge return on your money.

That’s not to say you can’t spend more on your bingo though, and if you have the cash to do so the prizes can be much better, although that isn’t a universal truth.

Sound cryptic? It will all make sense after you have read this.

Multiple People At The Same Address Have A Bingo Account?


A house full of bingo bunnies is a joyous place indeed, but when it comes to playing online, how does this affect where you can and can’t sign up?

No bingo sites allow a player to sign up for multiple accounts, and they track this using IP addresses, so two people living at the same address will also look the same to the computer witchery that looks out for these things.

This can lead to problems for players who live in the same house and want to play at the same site, for obvious reasons.

But are multiple accounts registered to the same address allowed, and what can you do to get around this problem if it crops up?

Do You Mark Off Your Own Numbers in Online Bingo?

Marking Off Bingo Cards

In the real world you would sit with your dauber and dab away at your cards with enthusiasm as the numbers were called, but when you are playing online you can’t do this – your screen would get pretty messy if you did.

Awful jokes aside though, new players might wonder how card marking works in the digital world, especially since you can buy so many tickets per game and the numbers are called so fast.

Automated card marking was developed to allow online bingo to flourish, and in this article we will look at why that is, the effect it has on the game, and even how it works.

In a bingo hall marking your own cards is all part of the fun, and although this element is taken away when playing online (for the most part anyway), there are plenty of benefits that come from it too.

Can I Claim an Online Bingo Welcome Offer Twice?


The welcome offer is often the first interaction a customer will have with a new bingo website, and although it’s a great incentive to join, it does set the bar quite high for expectations.

Welcome offers are designed to be as tempting as possible in order to attract new business, but of course the company can’t keep throwing this sort of deal at their customers or they wouldn’t actually make any money.

That leads many players to wonder if they can claim the offer again, maybe by deleting their account and joining again. Sadly, this is not possible or allowed, but there are ways to get maximum value out of a welcome offer and make it last longer, and to use more than one of them.

It’s also important to understand that the welcome offer is not the be all and end all of choosing a new bingo site, it is just a starting point.

Best Online Bingo Chat Rooms

chatting on devices

Bingo is unique in that is more of a social game than another other form of gambling. In real world bingo a big reason that people play is to socialise and talk with other people, often with winning being an added bonus. This is something that has carried through to online bingo too.

While almost all bingo sites and rooms offer a chat feature it does not mean that there will be lots of people talking in there. If you love your bingo chat and your main reason for playing bingo is the conversation then read our bingo chat guide where we have tested out the leading brands chat features to see if they are any good or not.

Can a Bingo Bonus be Used for Side Games?

Puzzled Bingo Player

Side games are a key ingredient for many online bingo players, so when hunting for a good bonus they may well be looking for something that includes them.

Obviously then, there are bonuses out there that can be spent on side games, but different bonuses will go about this in different ways, with some being more flexible and generous with wagering requirements than others.

Reading the terms and conditions is a boring but necessary part of the process here, but there is a way to train your eye so you can speed this up, and spot the right sort of offer just by reading the headline (although of course you should always double check).

How Much Can You Win Playing Online Bingo?

Win Money Shopping

We all play bingo because we enjoy the game, but part of the reason for that enjoyment is the potential to win a bit of money.

For some players, the dreams of big wins and riches is what spurs them on, for others small bank balance boosts are all that is required to keep them smiling, but which type of player is bingo best suited to?

Well, it’s not a game that is associated with making millionaires, but there have been some 7 figure prize pots advertised in the past. However, there is more to these tempting numbers than meets the eye.

Online bingo players can win a few pounds in one game and a few thousand in another, but rarely do prizes reach the dizzying heights of the National Lottery, for instance. That doesn’t mean though that big wins aren’t available.

Why is the RTP Lower for Bingo than for Slots?

Bingo RTP

The RTP is a sort of guide that tells you what percentage of the money an online game takes is paid back out as prize money, but because of jackpots, promotions and in game features this can be a misleading number.

Any slot player will tell you that a game without a progressive jackpot attached that pays out any less than around 93% at an absolute minimum is not worth your time, but when you learn that online bingo games are nowhere near that you might start questioning your sanity.

This article will explain a bit more about this and also go into detail about why you don’t need to panic, and why bingo is still more than worthy of your affections.

What is Bongo's Bingo?

Bongos Bingo Logo

It’s hard to find the words to accurately describe Bongo’s Bingo, because it is unlike anything you will ever have experienced before.

If you are up for bingo with an almighty twist and like the sound of men in drag, pink unicorns, and dance offs, then chances are you will love an evening with Bongo and his team.

This is live bingo like you have never seen it before, and although it will certainly divide opinion between bingo lovers, those who enjoy this sort of immersive event will remember it for the rest of their days.

The bingo industry has long been attempting to attract a new and younger audience back to the bingo halls, and this might just be one of the ways to do it.

Cancel Bingo Tickets

Cancel Bingo Tickets

These days consumer rights protect us pretty well. We can get refunds on almost everything we buy if we change our mind, or cancel orders and reservations with a few clicks of a mouse.

With online bingo however things are not quite so simple, and for good reasons too, even if it might not seem like it at first.

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to cancel bingo tickets you have bought then you don’t have many options open to you, but everything there is to know can be found right here.

How Much Do People Spend on Bingo?

Online Bingo Deposit

Have you ever wondered if other bingo players out there are just like you? Do you have average spending habits or are you a bit of a penny pincher compared to everyone else? Maybe you are one of those players who flashes the cash?

We have dived in and dug out all of the facts for you and some of what we have found out is very revealing indeed. Think online bingo is one of the biggest money spinners out there? Think again.

This article has more statistics and percentages in it than most of the other on this site, but don’t let that put you off – it’s all written in plain English, with no mind boggling boffin speak.

To be honest, we couldn’t impersonate mind boggling boffins if we tried!

Britain's Most Iconic Bingo Halls

Light Bulb Bingo Sign

In a lucky twist of fate, bingo has ended up being played in some pretty magical buildings up and down the country over the years.

A combination of bingo’s boom and cinema’s bust crossing over meant that many extravagant venues built and designed for live or recorded performances were transformed into beautiful havens for bingo fans to enjoy instead.

Not all of them have survived sadly, because as we all know bingo suffered its own decline towards the end of the 20th century, but many of the buildings have survived and been repurposed for other uses.

This article covers 10 or 11 of the best whether they are still welcoming bingo players or not – maybe there will be a venue near you?

Will a Bingo Site Refund you if you are a Problem Gambler?

Bingo Refund

For people who don’t have full control over their actions, it may seem unfair for them to lose more money than they can afford due to their condition.

But for an online business, it is equally unfair to have to refund everyone who loses and then claims to have a gambling problem, so we have a bit of a conundrum.

There has to be some personal responsibility after all, and the bingo sites themselves need to take responsibility for their side of things too.

This means its a bit of a grey area, where as a general rule refunds are hard to come by, but they do happen in certain situations.

Playing Bingo Responsibly

Responsible Gambling Bingo

Most of us don’t need to spend too much time thinking about playing bingo responsibly, for the majority of players it never becomes an issue.

However, bingo addiction is a very real thing, and whether it affects you or someone you know it can be terribly difficult to deal with alone.

There is a lot of help out there if you want it, but it’s far better to understand responsible play ahead of time and learn to spot the warning signs so that you never need to find help.

The bingo sites themselves can also help you with this and provide safer gambling tools as well as rigorous checks to make sure players are safe, so there are a lot of options for anyone worried about responsible play

Where in the UK has the Most Bingo Halls?

Bingo Hall Interior

Looking to move house, need a fresh start? Bingo fans could do a lot worse than picking one of these bingo-tastic destinations.

OK, that might be a bit of a dramatic move to make, but there are genuinely some places in the UK which are terrible to live if you love your bingo, because there isn’t a bingo hall for miles.

Some areas just seem to be magnets for bingo halls with one for every fifty thousand residents, while there are also whole counties that literally don’t contain a single bingo hall at all. What a travesty.

Why does this happen? Why are some parts of the country awash with bingo entertainment and others seem to show no interest in it at all?

We’ve got the answers inside.

Bingo Jokes

Bingo Jokes

Everyone likes a laugh right? And bingo players are well known for their love of a giggle and a bit of silly fun, so this little article is all about that.

You might have heard some of them before, but we reckon there will be at least one or two that are new to you.

There are jokes, there are fun facts, and there are true heart warming bingo stories, so if you want to get away from the real world for five minutes or so have a read of this.

Oh, and remember, some of them poke a little bit of fun at certain people, so if you are one of them then please take it in fun as it was intended!

Is Bingo Working Class?

Bingo Queue Working Class

The class system in the UK has never been less relevant than it is now, however, it definitely still exists and some things are associated with certain classes more than others.

Polo? Upper class. Working with your hands? Working class. Sticking an over priced hot tub that you will hardly ever use in your garden? Middle class.

But what about bingo? It certainly started out as a working class game, but how have things changed over the years and is it still fair to call it a working class game?

The world has changed a lot over the past 50 years and people’s opinions along with societal norms are nothing like what they used to be – has this given people from alternative backgrounds the opportunity to experience all the joy that bingo has to offer?

Is There Any Skill to Bingo?

Bingo Skill

None of us pick up our dabbers because we want to put hours of practice in to get good at bingo, and luckily, it’s not a game that requires that sort of dedication.

However, that doesn’t mean there is no skill involved at all, despite what many people might think.

The skills we are talking about are different depending on whether you are playing online or in a bingo hall in person, and there is a lot of crossover, but you might be surprised by quite how much the player can boost their odds using what might be called ‘soft skills’.

A lot of it is mental astuteness, but anyone who has ever tried to mark several bingo cards at the same time will also tell you that physicality comes into it as well – some of those bingo veterans have very speedy fingers indeed!

How Bingo Got Its Name

Bingo Word Pinned on Cork Board

If you say something often enough it becomes part of your every day vocabulary, and even the daftest sounding word loses its funny feeling.

Anyone who ever watched The Only Way is Essex will have heard the word ‘reem’ and that’s a great example – utterly ridiculous but people say it every day. TOWIE in itself is another example.

Anyway, the word bingo fits into that category too; it is a completely made up word that only seems to exist because of… well… bingo!

But where did it come from, and how did bingo end up being called bingo in the first place if the word didn’t really exist in common usage before the game was invented?

Bit of a mind bender, huh?

Why Bingo Sites Charge for Withdrawals

Withdrawal Fees

It can be a bitter pill to swallow having to pay to get hold of your own money, and when you find out that there there are other sites out there that don’t charge their customers for withdrawals it’s even worse.

So why does this happen, and why is it more common in the bingo industry than in other areas of gambling?

It might be a shock but it actually costs a lot of money to provide online payment options, and with bingo being such a cheap game for players to get involved with there is less money rolling in than you might think.

Withdrawal charges were once commonplace and although they now crop up less often they still have a place in the online bingo world for now, so let’s have a little look into understanding why.

Can You Legally Host a Bingo Night?

Bingo Legal

If you have every fancied a bit of DIY bingo, whether it was just for fun or to raise money for something or other, you may have wondered where you stood legally.

After all, bingo is gambling and there are strict laws around this area including who can run gambling games and services and which buildings this sort of activity can take place in.

With bingo though, it is often seen as a ‘softer’ game, and many people don’t even realise it is gambling at all, so there could well be scores of bingo evenings going on out there that are completely breaking the rules without even knowing it.

They should have read this article, because it explains all the ins and outs of running your own bingo night without the potential for trouble.

Play to Win or Make Profit?

Bingo Player Crossing Fingers

Bingo is a game played for prizes, and those prizes are most usually financial.

It makes sense then that we all play this crazy game for the chance to win some money then, right? Well actually, it’s not quite that straight forward.

The money is obviously very nice when it comes our way, but most bingo prizes are fairly modest, and not really enough to get that excited about.

However, that feeling of being the winner, the special one, the chosen one – well that is a sensation that cannot be bought. You can’t put a price on that winning feeling!

There is some psychological trickery going on here, and it’s name is ‘loss aversion’.

How Much Does Bingo Contribute to the UK Economy?

Bingo Economy One Pound

Probably not a major concern for bingo fans, but an interesting topic nevertheless!

We are most concerned with how much we enjoy our bingo and whether or not we get lucky and win something, but how much of the money you spend goes back out into the economy?

Can playing bingo actually be beneficial to the country and the UK economy?

The answer is yes.

Bingo is worth around £1 billion pounds in the UK, and although tax plays a role there are many other ways that the money made from bingo helps to stimulate the economy and keeps the country going. So next time you settle in for a session you can give yourself a pat on the back for doing your bit in the national interest!

Worst Bingo Site Names

Worst Bingo Site Names

There have been some real corkers over the years haven't there?

The people who run bingo sites must have some very strange meetings judging by some of the names that end up advertising their services to us, and occasionally they are really quite funny.

Then there are those that are neither funny, clever, or even relevant - and it is those we are shining a light on here.

Top 10 worst bingo site names ever coming right up!

Bingo Caller of the Year

Bingo Caller Trophy

The bingo caller is the glue that holds the game together, enhancing the entertainment of the evening and running the game with a firm but fair attitude and quite often a healthy dose of cheek as well.

This is a difficult job, and those at the very top of their game can even win an award to prove it.

The Bingo Caller of the Year Awards were an important date in the bingo calendar for many years, before over a decade of silence, but now they seem to be back - or are they?

Chances of a Line or Full House


Bingo is all about luck; every single ticket in the game has an equal chance of being the one that wins the prize, and all a player can really do to increase their chances is buy more tickets.

But then of course you are spending more money, and you still might not win, so it's a balancing act between giving yourself the best chance and not overspending.

While we might not be able to give our tickets better odds of winning, we can figure out what the chances of each ticket winning are, and we can do it by looking at the game in a few different ways.

This one is heavy with facts and figures, but don't let that put you off. It's written in simple terms and there is some interesting stuff to find out inside, so get your maths head on and get self stuck in!

Celebrities & Bingo

Celebrity Bingo

The bingo world is flooded with celebrity faces, whether they are advertising the brand or guest hosting a bingo room, employing celebrities is a well known tactic bingo companies use to get tickets sold.

Sometimes these celebs dress up in silly outfits for a bit of fun and become a character from the world of the bingo brand, and sometimes they just promote as themselves, but they always attract attention.

But why does this approach work? Why is celebrity advertising effective and what is it about someone with celebrity status that makes us want to know more about them?

How Bingo Reinvents Itself

Bingo Night

This game of ours has survived all sorts of crises since it's glory days in the 1960s, and although it has never quite regained the national hysteria that it once commanded, it has developed into something much more interesting.

There are now more weird and wonderful ways to enjoy this crazy game than ever before, and bingo has become something of a master of reinvention.

Whether online or offline, there always seems to be someone with a bright idea about how to make bingo more exciting to new players, more enticing to young players, or more fun for those who perhaps used to play but stopped.

Bingo Margins

Bingo Margins

The margin a bingo site takes from the games they provide isn't discussed much, you never see it brought up in bingo chat rooms for example, but it's important because it has a direct impact on how much money you stand to win if your numbers come up.

It's basically the opposite of the RTP, or return to player, and it's how a bingo site makes their money. You pay for your tickets, they take a cut of the pot, and the rest is given out as prizes.

It seems fair enough as an arrangement, but some sites might have a higher margin than others and this means a player at Bingo Site A might be getting a better deal than a player at Bingo Site B.

It's not exactly a laugh a minute topic, but if you know the margin at your favourite site is smaller than the margin at your best friend's favourite site, you will be the one laughing all the way to the bank!

Did the Internet Save Bingo?

Internet Superhero

You will know the lyrics "Video killed the radio star", but here we ask the question "Did the internet save the bingo star?"

For decades bingo reigned supreme before technology came along with new forms of entertainment that kept people away from the bingo halls, sending the industry into decline.

But then along came the internet and reinvigorated the population's interest in the beautiful game of bingo, giving it a fresh lease of life and beginning to change it's dusty reputation.

These days bingo is back with a bang, as people once again head to the bingo halls having discovered or rediscovered their love for the game online, and this is how it happened...

Average Number of Calls for a Full House

Full House Bingo Ticket

There is no real advantage to knowing the average number of balls it takes before someone gets a full house, but it can create added excitement if you know a game has gone on longer than usual and a winner is due any second.

Working out the average number of balls called before a full house is a pretty complex equation, but we won't bore you with all the inner workings in this article, we'll just give you the results in a way that is easy to understand.

That way, you can show off to your bingo buddies without having to do any of the leg work (or should we say brain work) yourself. You're welcome!

How Bingo Halls Attract New Customers

Attract New Customers

Poor old bingo took quite a beating around the turn of the century. A collection of changes in the world and in this country all but ended the brick and mortar bingo industry, and its' reputation was ruined for a long time.

Then the internet bingo rush happened, and bingo halls started to see people trickle back as the game became popular with younger players again.

Now, with the reputation well and truly on the turn bingo halls are doubling down to attract and keep new customers, especially those that are younger and might become regulars.

Here are some of the ways they are doing that, and the effects their efforts are having on what makes up the average bingo player.

Which Countries Play Bingo

Bingo Around the World

We know that the UK is a great place to live for bingo fans, because there are so many ways to play it.

Most people don't live too far from a bingo hall, for example, and more are opening up these days too; plus, online bingo sites are ten a penny and you can even find digital games in bookmakers and amusement arcades.

But what about the rest of the world?

Are we alone in our love of the beautiful game of bingo, or are other countries just as daft about it as well? Dive in and take a look at some of the other places in the world that enjoy dabbing their cards just as much as us.

Bingo Player Limits

Capacity Bingo

The ideal number of players for a game of bingo is different depending on who you ask. Everyone has a preference.

Some people prefer a smaller game where they have a better chance to win, albeit for a smaller prize, while other people prefer as big a game as possible so that if they win the prize money is very nice indeed.

The thing about bingo though, is that you can play it with 2 people or with 2,000, eventually a winner will come through.

But is there an upper limit here? Is there a point at which the bingo Gods say "No. Stop. This is too many players and you must close the doors to any further bingo fans!"

We like to think the bingo Gods would never do such a thing, but what do the facts and the stats say?

Biggest Bingo Fans

Biggest Bingo Fans

Whether we play online, in person, or a mixture of both, we are all bingo fans.

Maybe we only play once a week, maybe we play for short periods every day, it doesn't really matter, what we all have in common is that we love the excitement and anticipation of the moment we get to 'eyes down'.

Well we might consider ourselves to be bingo fans, but the people in this article would laugh at our efforts as they steamroller their way through another round of our favourite game.

There are some brilliantly bonkers stories in here, so grab a brew and settle in to hear about some of the biggest bingo fans in Britain and from further afield.

How Long is a Game of Bingo?

Bingo Clock

With online and real world options we have access to bingo more or less whenever we want, and for as as long or short a time as we want too.

But that doesn't change how long each game of bingo will take to play on average.

Obviously there can be no definitive answer to this question because every game of bingo is different - it wouldn't be much fun if it was the same every time - but we can look at averages.

There is a difference between online and real life games here; games take longer offline than online but there is also more atmosphere in a bingo hall than on a website.

The choice over which option your prefer is really up to you, and thanks to clever scheduling and an abundance of online bingo websites, so is how long your bingo session lasts.

Biggest Bingo Halls

Biggest Bingo Halls

Not all bingo halls are created equal, and some are created to be absolutely massive.

These are the bingo halls we are looking at in this article, those huge barn like venues that can hold more people than some performance venues.

Bigger bingo halls might be harder to fill, but when they are busy they can offer an atmosphere that is unrivalled, not to mention the bigger prizes on offer when more people are involved in the game.

We're not saying that bigger is always better when it comes to bingo, that's not necessarily true, but anyone who wants to experience the very biggest bingo clubs there are, including the biggest in Europe, you will want to visit one of these.

Bingo in Betting Shops

Quick 6 Bingo

You might not immediately associate bingo and betting shops, but the option to play the beautiful game of balls and calls in a bookie does exist.

You won't need dabbers though, or bingo tickets - in fact, you won't even need to shout 'bingo' if you win. Although you can if you want to.

It may be a different form of bingo, a bit of a hybrid, but it certainly has plenty of bingo about it, and for anyone who is a fan and also likes to place a bet, or just fancies seeing what the inside of a betting shop looks like, this is a decent reason to do it.

It's just another shining example of how adaptable our brilliant game is, and how it can find a way to fit into any situation.

Online Bingo with Live Caller

Bingo Caller Online

Bingo in a bingo hall and online might technically be the same game, but anyone who has ever played both will tell you that they are far from the same thing.

The experience is totally different online and one of the biggest differences is the lack of a bingo caller. They might be essential in a bingo hall but if you log onto any bingo website on the web you won't find a caller entertaining the crowds.

But why is this? We love our bingo callers, don't we?

There are a few reasons why callers have been kicked to the kerb by online bingo companies, but they have attempted to replace them in a few ways, and some new upstarts are even trying to bring them back in a roundabout way.

Do Bingo Sites Use Bots?

Bingo Bots

You might have heard of bots. They are often discussed in the news as evil little computer beings scurrying around the web causing trouble, but there are plenty of useful bots out there too designed for good reasons.

They can be used to do all sorts of things, and online bingo has had its fair share of accusations relating to these bots. Plenty of people worry about online bingo being a scam, and the mention of bingo bots doesn't help, but what is the truth? Are we all being played by bots in the system, or are we safe from these evil computer devils?

An Interview with a Bingo Caller

Playing bingo online is great, it gives us the game we love whenever and wherever we want, but nothing can replace the real thing.

We went on a field trip to one of our local bingo halls - we are lucky and have a fair few with a short bus ride - to find out what life is really like for customers and staff at a real club.

The club we visited is Cosmo Bingo in Stalybridge, and we spent time playing, chatting to the people who work there and even some of the people who play there, to get their take on the game, the industry, and how both have changed in recent times.

Bingo Movies and TV Shows

Bingo in Movies and TV Shows

Bingo will always be a star to us, but while its cousins the casino and sports betting occasionally get the Hollywood treatment, bingo is so often left out in the cold.

It's a crying shame, although in some ways we understand why, but while it is rarely if ever the focus of a big storyline, bingo has made many cameos and scene stealing appearances in some surprisingly big movies and TV shows.

So if you want something bingo related to do that isn't playing the game itself, you might want to find one of these on your tele box, stock up on snacks, and hit play.

How Bingo Sites are Linked

Bingo Network

A lot of people are unaware of bingo networks, they just log onto to their chosen site, buy a few tickets and enjoy their time playing the game.

Even if you are one of those people who dig a bit deeper and know about networks, can you claim to know much about the different types of bingo networks and how they work with bingo brands?

Well you will be well versed to discuss this topic after reading this article, and you might be able to spot the different kind of bingo sites that use these various networks quite easily too.

Wartime Bingo Boom

WW2 Soldier Bingo

Bingo has had several 'booms' in its time, but one of the more significant was during the second world war, when a very different type of 'boom' was also being heard all across the world.

It was not a safe or happy time to live through, but the people we like to call the greatest generation found ways to keep their spirits up, and bingo was chief among them.

So much so, that the game was set in the minds of the British public for many years to come.

Post War Bingo Boom & Golden Age

Bingo Players

Following on from the article above, we look into how bingo halls first became legal and how the game went from being a recreational past time to a booming industry with 14 million regular players across the land.

There was a good 30 year period where it seemed like bingo was too big to fail, it was a fantastic time to be a bingo player and although it ultimately came to an end, it could be argued that the popularity the game reached during that time gave it enough momentum to survive the decline of the late 90s and early 2000s.

So what happened to bingo between 1945 and 1995?

Two Winners at Same Time

Hands up Bingo

Imagine your joy as you hear you final number being called, slamming your dabber down on the number at the same time as throwing up your other hand and making your claim with a big, loud, happy voice...

...only to hear someone else shouting the exact same thing.

Would you be gutted? Would you mind?

Perhaps more importantly, is this even a possibility, and if it is, what would happen in this situation? Who would get the prize?

So many questions, and luckily for you we have the answers.

National Bingo Game

National Bingo Game Logo

The National Bingo Game has been running since 1986, although it has had a few reincarnations since then. It offers the chance for bingo clubs all across the country to play with each other for one massive great stonking prize.

Nevertheless, for anyone who has only ever played online, this British Institution of bingo might have passed them by, which is a real shame as the atmosphere in the clubs when this game begins is quite something.

So here is all you need to know about the National Bingo Game, from costs to prizes, history to biggest wins and everything in between.

National Bingo Day

National Bingo Day

Did you know we had an officially recognised National Bingo Day? Well you do now!

It's on the 27th of June and has only been happening in this country since 2021, after we adopted it from our American bingo brothers and sisters.

It's a day on which the entire bingo industry comes together to celebrate the beautiful game, and it attracts players to bingo halls and online bingo sites in their droves, eager to have some fun and enjoy some extra promotions and the like.

Here, we have everything you need to know about National Bingo Day, so next time June 27th comes around, you can enjoy it too.

Buying Bingo Tickets for Someone Else

Bingo Gift

It's nice to be nice isn't it, so sometimes when we meet our friends or relatives we might decide to treat them to a coffee, or a piece of cake, or a trip to the theatre, or whatever.

Well, why shouldn't bingo be one of the options? The idea of giving an experience as a gift isn't a new one, but with bingo being a gambling activity it can be a bit of a confusing one, since most bingo players probably haven't read the Gambling Act lately.

Giving the gift of bingo is a nice idea, but is it allowed, is it even possible, and if so, how would you go about doing it? More importantly, should you?

Why is Bingo Seen as an Old Person's Game?

Old Lady Loves Bingo

We've all heard the jokes and the stereotypes.

Little old ladies with a purple rinse are the only people who play bingo, right? Of course not. It's utter nonsense. However, that is what a lot of people still think about bingo despite it being an opinion that is decades out of date.

That said, stereotypes don't come out of thin air, they are usually based at least partly in truth, and it's undeniable that a large proportion of bingo players for a long time were females from the older generations.

Times may be a-changing, but why do people still think of bingo as being an 'old people' game?

Why Don't Bingo Halls Use Real Balls?

Bingo Balls

The image of bingo balls is synonymous with the game, used in all of the advertising online and in print, but bingo halls haven't been using them for decades, so what is going on?

Bingo was played using real balls for many decades, but like so many other things in life, they were eventually replaced by technology.

Was this a good move? Probably. As sad as it was to see bingo balls go, the game has been improved no end since they were replaced by digital numbers on a screen, and here's why.

Linked Games in Bingo Halls

Linked Games at Bingo Halls

Most online bingo games are linked games, because most online sites are part of bingo networks, which connect lots of different sites to keep player numbers high in all the rooms.

In bingo halls though, it's a different story, because things can't work in quite the same way. However, that's not to say that linked games don't exist in the real world, because they very much do.

They are actually pretty easy to set up and have been going on since back in the 1980s, which tells you something about how old the technology used to run them is, but it still works, and players love the opportunity to play for bigger prizes, so linked games in bingo halls are not only here, but here to stay.

When You Miss a Bingo Call

Bingo Missed Call

You're half way through a bingo session at your local club, sat next to Sandra, your usual partner in crime, and you are quietly chatting as the numbers are called.

You only need 2 numbers on one of your tickets, but then Sandra mentions a juicy bit of relationship gossip regarding your ex, and all your attention shifts to hear it.

You glance back at your ticket a few moments later and realise you've just won, but oh no, disaster! Before you can open your mouth to shout 'Bingo' the caller has already moved on to the next number. It's a cliff hanger - but you don't need to wait until next week to find out what happens next, because the answers are all in this article.

What is it Like Inside a Bingo Hall?

Inside a Bingo Hall

Since this is a website all about online bingo, we are assuming you have played bingo online before, but how many of you have ever visited a real life bingo hall and sat down for a session?

If you haven't ever been, have you ever asked yourself why? You obviously like bingo or you wouldn't be here, so what's stopping you?

Perhaps not knowing what to expect is the problem. That's ok, not everyone can have the level of confidence it takes to stride into a new place full of people and feel like they belong there - to be honest, we are a fairly quiet bunch here at BingoWebsites.

Nevertheless, having some idea of what you might find in a bingo hall and how it all works might spur you on to give it a try, and if that is the case, then we will feel like we have done our jobs today. So here is a full rundown of what it is like inside a bingo hall.

Most Unusual Bingo Prizes

Mystery Prize

Playing bingo for the chance to win some money is all very nice and everything, but some game organisers have decided that it's just not interesting enough to cut the mustard.

Over the years there have been some very unusual and whacky bingo prizes going up for grabs, prizes you wouldn't ever have imagined would have been linked with bingo, but we have got them for you here.

Forget those white elephant type prizes you might see given out as a bit of a joke, we are talking about the most utterly bizarre or the most incredibly awesome bingo prizes to have ever been won.

All About Bingo Daubers

Bingo Daubers

Bingo daubers, also known as dabbers, dobbers, and probably a few more names too, are an important part of the game for many people, but do not feature at all for others.

In fact, it's true to say that some players have probably never used one in their lives.

The bingo dauber is a solution to a problem that took a while to solve 100%, but it's unlikely to be replaced now since it is such an effective tool for marking bingo tickets.

But did you know where it came from? Did you know you can get them customised? Did you know you can buy them in bulk for pennies? There's a lot you probably don't know about bingo daubers in this article.

How Bingo Halls Look After Their Players

Bingo Player with Gifts

We all like to feel special don't we? Or like we have got a bit of extra purchase when we spend our hard earned pennies.

All businesses tell you they are giving you a great deal, or a discount, or something extra for free, but bingo halls seem to be much better at this than most.

The reason? Because unlike most other businesses, bingo halls really know their customers. Not just what the spreadsheet tells them about demographics and age ranges, but what their favourite TV show is and what bus they get to go home.

Bingo halls look after their players in a much more personal way, and it goes further than dishing out extra prizes or giving freebies on special occasions... although these things are always very welcome of course!

Bingo on Tiktok

Bingo on TikTok

This article is a little bit different, because it is not actually about playing bingo yourself, but watching other people do it online via social media.

TikTok is arguably the boss of the short form video social media sites, and many bingo players have taken it upon themselves to share their experiences with anyone who wants to watch.

And boy do a lot of people want to watch. These guys are racking up millions of views and creating a huge following, sharing all of the highs and lows along the way.

What Happened to Traditional Bingo Calls?

Woke Bingo Calls

Everyone knows a couple of bingo calls. Whether you're a fan of legs eleven or a sucker for stairway to heaven, you'll have a few lodged in your memory that you will never forget.

You are extremely unlikely to hear them called in bingo halls anymore though, as bingo calls have been called uniformly for many years now, eschewing the fun jokey calls of old.

Why? Well, there are those who would have you believe it is all part of some woke campaign to make the world a more sterile boring place, but the answer is actually more sensible than that.

The Bingo Association

Bingo Association Logo

Did you know that the entire licensed bingo industry in Great Britain is overseen by a trade body known as the Bingo Association?

Well you do now!

This isn't some stuffy boardroom nonsense that has no bearing on the likes of you and me. Rather, it is a group of bingo industry professionals who come together to speak on bingo's behalf, decide which direction the industry needs to go in order to keep up with the times and stay relevant, and to make sure regulation and law changes don't damage the industry as they have in the past.

They do nice things too, like create a bingo magazine, a bingo app, raise money for charity, and help anyone who might be struggling with addiction, so the Bingo Association is well worth looking into.

Why Aren't There More Types of Bingo?

New Types of Bingo

We have come a long way from 90 ball bingo played in cold bingo halls using paper tickets, haven't we? There are now more types of bingo than ever before, and all available from the comfort of our own homes, or new snazzy bingo halls.

When compared to a lot of other gambling products though, even with all of the new formats that have been introduced, bingo seems to be trailing somewhat.

Why is this? Why doesn't bingo have the same sort of variety as slots, for example? Why is there not a different bingo format for every number under the sun? Are we bingo players being forgotten about, or is there a good reason why we have fewer game types than other gaming categories?

Why Some Bingo Players Don't Celebrate Big Wins

Bingo Winner Not Celebrating

A big win at the bingo is something we all know is possible, but equally, we all accept that it's not exactly probable. That doesn't stop us crossing our fingers for it though.

When that big win does come along though, the way the winner reacts can sometimes be... a bit baffling.

While plenty of winners are so excited they look like they might burst, and are keen to get the party started to celebrate their good fortune, others have a more muted response; so much so that you might reasonably wonder whether they are happy about it at all.

This one is for them.

American vs British Bingo

British vs American Bingo

We aren't trying to cause an argument here, this is not an article about which country 'does bingo better', but it is an article about the differences between playing the game here and across the pond in the USA.

Most of us know the game variation over there is different, they play 75-ball and we play 90-ball, but we wanted to look into things a little bit deeper than that.

So if you have ever wondered what it feels like to play bingo in America, or how the players approach the game, what the bingo halls are like over there and more, this is one you should definitely read.

Is Bingo Good for Our Brain?

Bingo Good for the Brain

Bingo is a wonderful game, but it actually has a lot more to offer than simple entertainment value.

There have been many studies that found activities similar to bingo are actually good for our brains and mental health. The slow down cognitive decline and help us to improve our memories, and generally keep our brains active and healthy for longer.

So next time you go to your local bingo hall, you can sit there smug in the knowledge that not only are you having fun, but you are giving your brain a little work out too, as well as looking after your mental health.

Bingo Hall Fights

Bingo Fights

This one might not be what you were expecting, but believe it or not, even the usually safe and friendly refuge of the bingo hall has been the scene of a fight on occasion.

What's more, some of them have been really quite serious if reports are to be believed, and the reasons behind them are a bit crazy too.

What would you do if someone was sat in your favourite seat at the bingo - break their nose, or just sit somewhere else? How about if someone was making too much noise - a passive aggressive 'ssshhh' or a mass brawl? You can guess which options these guys chose.

Bingo Chains vs Independent Bingo Halls

Bingo Chains vs Independent Bingo Brands

Most of us aren't exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of bingo halls close to where we live. For the most part, we tend to just go to the closest.

Some people might have the luxury of choosing between a couple that aren't too far away, but for the rest of us it is the luck of the draw.

Those with only a small independent bingo brand nearby might wonder what those big chain brands are like, and those who can only get to one of the big names might pine for something with a more personal touch. Whichever description applies to you, this article will tell you what you are missing.

Bingo Odds vs Lottery Odds

Bingo Odds vs Lottery Odds

Both games use numbered colourful balls drawn at random to find a winner, but even though they are sometimes lumped together in the same category, that's where the similarities stop between bingo and the lottery.

One is an extreme long shot at winning millions with virtually zero entertainment value, the other is an evening of fun with much smaller prizes but plenty of other reasons to play.

But is bingo a game with better odds than the lottery, and how do the two compare on other fronts such as payouts and overall experience? This is the battle between bingo and the lottery.

Can You Talk at Bingo?

Talking in a Bingo Hall

If you choose to play bingo at a bingo hall instead of online, there is a certain etiquette that you are expected to understand and follow. It's all about respect really, for the game, for the staff, and for the other players, but one of the rules that seems to get newbies a little bit worried is the one about talking.

Bingo is sometimes unfairly categorised as a game full of shushing dictators, where no one is allowed to make a sound, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Saying that, there is a time for chatter and a time for quiet concentration, and you mix them up at your peril.

Now though, bingo clubs are introducing new areas where players who want a livelier atmosphere can natter to their heart's content. So what are they, and how do they work?

Playing Bingo via Live Stream

How to Play Live Stream Bingo

We tend to think of bingo as either an online past time that we enjoy alone, or an in person event that we experience with others, but did you know there is another way to play?

It's relatively new, but playing bingo via live stream is a possibility now too, whereby the caller/presenter runs the game from a studio, and players join from locations all around the country and play together for the same prize.

It's a bit like a linked game in a bingo hall, except you don't need a bingo hall to join in. Live stream digital bingo can be installed anywhere with a license, so it's much more accessible, more flexible as well since you can join for as many games as you like, and the prizes are good too. Intrigued?

Can You Play Bingo For Free?

Can You Play Bingo for Free

Everyone loves a freebie, no matter what it is. But if the freebie is something you already love, then that's an extra special bonus.

Well, prepare to be amazed as you learn about totally free bingo. Yep, it exists, and in vast quantities too actually, and although it doesn't always offer prizes, in a lot of cases it does.

There is free bingo available offline and online, and in both cases you can win cash or other goodies just for taking part. However, not all free bingo is going to be worth your time, it all depends on how it is set up and who is running it, so choose wisely.

Why Don't I Ever Win at Bingo?

If you feel like you play bingo a lot but hardly ever win, then you are not alone.

Many players feel this way, but usually, it's just because they don't fully understand their chances of winning anything in comparison to how many tickets they have bought or how often they play.

Having said that, luck does come into it, but bingo is a game that works purely on chance, so the results are always random and the game is always fair.

Sure, that doesn't make it any easier when you are losing your 50th game in a row, but at least you are in good company - remember, apart from that one lucky winner, everyone else lost too.

White Label Bingo Sites

What is a White Label Bingo Site

The term 'white label' isn't specific to bingo, but there are an awful lot of bingo sites that come under that title.

It just means that the majority of the site and all of the inner workings including the games are supplied by a company that isn't actually the bingo brand, but for some players, it can look a little suspicious.

It's really nothing to worry about though, it's super common in the bingo industry, and if you want to find out what white label sites are, why the exist, and how they might effect you as the player, have a little read of this.

Bingo Budgets

Bingo Budget

Have you got a bingo budget? I have. I'm not showing off, but i'm trying to show you that it is a normal and useful thing to do, because it helps you get the most out of your money.

There are benefits at the other end of the scale too, because setting a budget stops you over spending, or spending what you have set aside too quickly.

It doesn't matter how much spare money you have to spend on enjoying yourself, a bingo budget is still a good idea because it ensures you get full value for every penny, and extra enjoyment out of every minute you play.

Top Tips For Hosting Bingo

Tips for Hosting Bingo

So you are hosting the bingo. Maybe it's just for friends at your house, or maybe you have been roped into organising the works monthly team building event and think bingo is a god solution.

Whatever the reason, you probably have questions and you probably want to make the event or evening as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Well luckily for you, a lot of the work has been done for you because bingo is a super enjoyable game all on its' own, and even more luckily for you, I have plenty of experience in this area and have put together my top tips for you here.

Why Are They Called Bingo Wings?

Why are they Called Bingo Wings

Ever been accused of having bingo wings? Ever laughed at someone else for having them? Most of us probably fall into one of those categories if not both, yet bingo wings are likely to happen to all of us eventually.

But why have they been given that name in the first place? What is it about bingo that seems to attract this sort of mean humour? And is it a fair description or just another stereotype?

Bingo is a brilliant game that could do without this cheap gag being associated with it, and bingo players don't need to be mocked, but nevertheless, the term bingo wings is here to stay. So, let's find out about it shall we?

Can Muslims Play Bingo or is it Haram?

Can Muslims Pay Bingo

Although bingo is a game that is open to all, not everyone is open to playing bingo. Before you get offended, it's not usually anything against the game itself, but in some religions, gambling is strictly forbidden.

Islam is one such religion, so despite around 6.5% of the population being Muslims, you will find approximately 0% of them in bingo halls or in online bingo rooms.

This is explored in more depth in this article, including whether or not the rules extend to bingo played just for fun and with no money involved.

Bingo Quiz Questions and Answers

Bingo Quiz Questions and Answers

Maybe you are writing a pub quiz, or a quiz for a local group or organisation and are looking for a few bingo themed questions to throw in there.

Maybe you are writing a quiz specifically about bingo for bingo fans.

Maybe you have no idea how you ended up on this website but saw the title of the article and it just piqued your interest for reasons you don't understand.

There are 30 brilliant quiz questions and answers in this short article, all relating to the game of bingo, so have a read and see how many you get right without looking at the answers.

Should You Share Your Bingo Winnings?

Should You Share Bingo Winnings

Sharing is one of the first things we are taught as youngsters. It's one way that we build relationships with each other, and for many close friends, what's theirs is their friend's also and vice verser.

This is probably why bingo players are known to buddy up. Many pairs or groups have friendly arrangements with each other, where they agree to share big wins to spread the love, and usually, it works fine.

However, when large amounts of money are involved, things can get a little bit more complicated, as many bingo players have found out. Friendships have been ruined by big bingo wins, so establishing your rules about sharing prizes before you play is important - but should you feel obligated to share any winnings in the first place?

Bingo Jobs

Bingo Jobs

We all love playing bingo, but have you ever thought about working at the bingo?

You would be involved in the game from a completely new angle, and yes ok, you wouldn't be able to play while you were working, but there is something to be said for getting paid to hang out at one of your favourite places.

There are more job roles than you might think in the bingo industry, and although this post focuses on bingo halls themselves, I will also cover some of the roles available at online bingo sites too.

So get you CVs ready, and let's go job hunting.

Which Bingo Numbers Are Called The Most?

Which Bingo Numbers are Called the Most

Have you ever looked at your bingo card and not been very optimistic about the numbers you see staring back at you?

Or maybe you are the type of player who believes in lucky numbers, and likes to see specific digits on your cards to make you feel like this could be your day?

Bingo is a fair game, one that is dictated completely by chance, but nevertheless, it has been shown that certain numbers come up more often than others from one provider to another, so perhaps your instincts aren't too far off?

At every venue or website, in any given timeframe, there will be 'hot' and 'cold' numbers, which might lead you to wonder which bingo numbers are called the most? The answers might not help you to victory, but I bet you still want to know what they are.

Top 10 Bingo World Records

Top 10 Bingo World Records

We've all of us got something to be proud of in our lives, whether it's our jobs, our families, the amount of money we have raised for charity, there is always something.

However, not many people can say they have achieved a world record, and even fewer can say they have achieved a world record that is connected to bingo.

If you feel like you could be one of them though, have a look through this top 10 list of bingo world records, and pick the one you reckon you could beat. Good luck!

Top 5 Best Free Bingo Card Generators

Best Free Bingo Card Generators

So you want to create your own bingo tickets for an event at work, or the charity you support, or for a party at home. The reason doesn't really matter, what matters is that you are going to need bingo cards.

Now you could spend an age making your own on your laptop then printing them off and cutting them out; or you could use a bingo card generator.

It's super simple, super quick, and you can even give them themes. Best of all though, there are loads of free bingo card generators out there, so you don't need to part with any cash either.

Here are my top 3.

What is the Granville Theory?

What is the Granville Theory in Bingo?

We would all love to learn about a secret strategy that would help us to win at bingo, but sadly, as much as we would like it, there is no such thing.

Even though bingo is a game based on random luck and chance, some of the brightest maths boffins have attempted to come up with theories that can, in effect, beat the game.

The Granville theory is one of these, and in this article I will explain how it works, and why it won't get you very far in a real game of bingo, even if it does make sense in theory.

What is the Tippett Method?

What is the Tippett Method in Bingo?

There are a few different theories and strategies when it comes to winning at bingo, and the Tippet Method is one of them, created by a renowned statistician no less.

What works on paper does not necessarily work in reality though. So while it is true that longer games will see more numbers called that sit around the median, how does that translate to a real game of bingo?

This is what I explore in the following article, as well as explaining how the method works. It's not as complicated as it sounds, although (spoiler alert) it won't help you win more often I'm afraid.

Which Bingo Sites Accept Credit Cards?

Bingo Sites Credit Card

Perhaps you haven't played online bingo for a while (a long while) and are just coming back to it, and you've noticed a few changes.

For one, none of the sites you are joining have a credit card payment option. You used to use it all the time, so what has happened?

Well, in one of many regulation changes to the online gambling industry, credit cards were banned as a way to pay. That means that playing bingo using a credit card is not only impossible, but illegal.