Online Bingo Vs Bingo Halls – Benefits of Online Bingo

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What are the real differences between online bingo and playing in bingo halls? Although the concept is primarily the same, the experience of online bingo can be entirely different to that of a physical bingo hall.

Games are played and there are opportunities to socialise throughout both, but that is where the similarity can end.

The decline of land based bingo halls is partly due to the recent rise of online bingo alongside the UK smoking ban too. Over the years more and more sites have opened up offering bingo, games, chat rooms and more, and with the introduction of smart phones and gaming apps as well, the popularity of online bingo has soared through the roof.

There are still lots of land based bingo clubs to enjoy all over the country however, and players do still have the option of playing the physical game out and about which is great. But what are the real differences in playing bingo online to in a hall these days?  What are the real benefits and what makes online bingo more appealing?

The Benefits Of Playing Online Bingo

Mobile bingo app screenshotThere are so many advantages to playing online bingo nowadays, the craze has taken the nation by storm. Here are some examples of what makes online bingo so popular:

  • You wont even have to leave the house – Happily play from the comfort of your own home, with no need to get dolled up and dressed to the nines. Come rain or shine, there will always be a game on the go and you can jump online whatever the weather.
  • Gaming on the go – With newer mobile and tablet software updates, you can now also play your games whilst out and about. A lot of the bigger branded sites also have specific apps to their site too, which will make gaming even easier.
  • Games take place 24/7 – New games start every few minutes, and you can choose which ones you’d like to play. Whether you’re an early riser, or a late night owl, there will always be a game taking place.
  • Hundreds of sites – With so many sites to choose from these days, you can pick and choose which ones you prefer. There are bigger branded sites as well as smaller more intimate versions, all of which offer different experiences.
  • Free bingo – Yes please. Online bingo tends to offer lots of free bingo daily, so you can play away at absolutely no cost.
  • No deposit bingo – Some sites offer a free no deposit bonus when you join, so you can test drive the site and play games and slots for free. You won’t win a great deal with these bonuses, but it’s a great way to trial out a site before you commit to a payment.
  • Pre buy tickets – You can pre buy bingo tickets online, so you’ll never miss out on your favourite games. A major upside to this is that the site will automatically recognise your ticket too. This means that you will automatically win if you’ve purchased a winning ticket even if you forget to log online for the game.
  • Never miss numbers – The system will always know if you forget to mark off a number, so you’ll always win if you purchased a winning ticket. This also makes gaming a whole lot easier, so you can buy as many tickets as you like without having to worry about not missing a number.
  • New player bonus – Nearly all bingo sites these days will have a new player bonus on offer. These can vary from site to site, but can include extra bonus credits and free slots spins.
  • More variety of bingo – It’s almost a given that all bingo sites will offer many variations of 90-ball bingo, but most will also offer versions of either 30, 50, 75 or 80-ball games too. Some sites also have their own unique games as well, and these won’t be found anywhere else online.
  • Table games and slots – As bingo sites grew in popularity, most started to add a variety of additional gaming too. Some of the bigger sites will have links to their own specific casino platforms as well, but nearly all UK bingo sites will also offer a selection on their site.
  • Community – You will still find the opportunity feel part of a social community, and you can choose whether to opt in to chat games and social media platforms throughout. One of the main attractions of the original bingo game is that it offered people a chance to socialise and meet up with friends. This tradition has continued to grow online and allows players to interact for hours on end.
  • Social media – With the recent rise in social media, online bingo has branched out and become even more of a social game. Most sites will have their own Twitter and Facebook pages, and these will offer players more chances to meet up with friends and have fun. They are also  a way to post special opportunities to win extra bonuses, prizes, cash and more.
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Benefits of Land Based Bingo Halls

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Bingo halls began in the UK back in the 1960’s. The craze exploded up and down the country, and people loved the social aspect of the game.

Bingo halls offered the chance to meet up with friends and have a drink and a get together, as well as the chance to win huge prizes too.

Nowadays bingo halls are slowly closing down, but there are still a few chains that continue to operate.

Here are some advantages to playing bingo in bingo halls:

  • Night out with friends – Visiting a bingo hall gets you out of the house and gives you a chance to see your pals in the flesh and catch up with all the weekly news. It’s an opportunity to completely get away for a few hours, and you can sit and have drinks and snacks and have a proper face to face catch up between games.
  • Instant pay outs – When you win in a bingo hall you won’t have to wait for cash to be processed into your account. Generally you can pick up your cash on the night.
  • Have a bit to eat – A lot of bingo halls have both hot and cold snacks on offer to enjoy during the games.
  • Enjoy the physical game – Play classic 90-ball games the good old fashioned way. Some of the bigger branded halls have the original machines still in place, whilst others will sell cards that you mark off with a pen. Both variations allow players to get involved and play along physically.
  • Make new friends – Meet new people each week and chat away about common interests. Bingo halls still hold that initial social feel that began back in the 60’s, and the venues are generally welcoming and friendly from the first visit.
  • Using your dabber – Playing live bingo is the only time to use those dabbers.
  • Extra games – Some bingo halls will also host tombola or raffle competitions throughout the evening too.

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Online Bingo Vs Bingo Halls

Online bingo Bingo hall
Games 24/7 – Play as and when you like, night and day. Games only take place at certain times of the day, halls generally close by 11.
Free bingo daily. All bingo hall games will generally always cost money.
Online bingo is generally cheaper, deposit games can cost as little as a penny Bingo hall games can cost up to £1 per game.
Play from the comfort of your own home without having to get dressed up and leave the house. Leave the house/driving/ bad weather etc.
Payments can take a few days to process. Some payment methods can take over a week. Generally bingo halls pay out instant cash funds.
Lots of options for deposits and withdrawals. Loads of flexibility in payment methods. Most bingo halls generally only accept cash or card payments.
Meet thousands of players everyday, and perhaps chat away to people you would never usually get the chance to meet. Meet up with friends in the flesh and socialise throughout your gaming. Make new friends in your local area.
Hundreds of sites to choose from, all with varying offers and games. Maybe only 1 or 2 clubs local to your home.
Sign up bonuses and offers which can offer big bingo and games funds. Generally a one off sign up bonus, with additional extras throughout the year.
Huge linked jackpots across hundreds of sites. Linked jackpots across each brand.
Grab some snacks and drinks throughout your gaming from your own kitchen. Pay extra for snacks and drinks throughout the games.
Get involved easier with social media ie. Facebook and Twitter etc.  Sign up to social media platforms separately.
Play hundreds of additional games alongside bingo such as slots, casino and chat games. Bingo halls mostly only offer classic bingo games. Some may have physical slot machines however, and there may be the option of a tombola and/or raffle too.
Lots of variations of bingo to try including 30, 50, 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo. Most bingo halls only offer 90-ball bingo games across the board. There are exceptions but the choice is limited.
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As you can see, there are several differences/benefits to playing online bingo and visiting a bingo hall.

Both have their advantages of course, but generally online bingo offers much more freedom, flexibility and variation.

Here is a list of comparisons between both options:

Disadvantages Of Bingo Halls

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It’s quite obvious to see that there so many more advantages to playing bingo online. Apart from the physical social side of things, online bingo can offer a lot more nowadays.

It is still nice to have the option to play in halls however, and it’s definitely still something that many people do really enjoy. However there are quite a few disadvantages to playing in bingo halls:

  • Only 90-ball games – There’s very limited choice on offer in bingo halls, whereas online there are multiple options of bingo variations.
  • You have to mark efficiently and could potentially miss numbers – If you miss a number or lose your concentration in a live game, you could end up missing out on a potential win. Online bingo games ensure you will always win regardless of marking or missing a number.
  • Some bingo callers may be very quick or quiet – If you cant quite understand the caller then again you could miss out on the prize. Online bingo is clear and concise and you have the choice whether to opt in for slightly faster paced games.
  • Shout very loud for some wins may be missed – Sometimes in larger bingo halls your call could go unnoticed and you may miss out or cause confusion amongst other players. Online bingo is generated to know the winning tickets as they are played.
  • Tickets and games can cost more money – Bingo hall tickets can cost more money, and you will also have to factor in travel, food and drinks expenses for each visit too. You won’t spend any extra cash playing online, and you can enjoy your own food and snacks in the comfort of your own home.

Disadvantages Of Online Bingo

mobile online bingo app and girl screenshotSome people find learning how to play online bingo a bit tricky to start with, however once you’ve grasped the basics then you’re ready to go.

Most bingo sites out there have very similar set ups, so once you’ve visited a few you’ll get a much better understanding of how they all work. Most software companies nowadays will offer quite a few sites, so you’ll start to see the similarities as you work your way through.

The larger branded sites can seem a little intimidating at first, as they will probably offer other sites and platforms too. Again after a few minutes just searching through however, you’ll see that they are really simple to get to grips with and very easy to use.

Apart from that and the few extra days payment processing time, there are little other disadvantages to online bingo. There is excellent variety on offer across the board, and you’ll still have the opportunity to get social in the community hubs.

With so many amazing sites, games, offers and styles to try,  what are you waiting for? Jump online today.