Biggest Ever Online Bingo Winners

bingo winners screenshotThe world’s biggest ever bingo winner scooped a whopping £1.2million at her local Club3000 bingo hall in 2008. Soraya Lowell who was 38 at the time was playing on the National Bingo Game and its Platinum Jackpot when she got lucky – very lucky indeed! The lucky bingo player netted a cool £1,176,795 and decided to split this eye-watering amount of cash with her neighbour – man I wish I had neighbours this generous! Soraya and her 68-year old neighbour, Agnes O’Neill from Lanarkshire were together on the night and when Mrs Lowell won, she decided to give her neighbour more than £500,000.

Sharing is Caring

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After her amazing win, Mrs Lowell, a mum of 4 stated: “We always share whatever either of us wins and this time will be no different.”

Speaking after the initial shock had gone, Mrs O’Neill said: “I have had a rough time the last three years – I have been very ill and Soraya has cared for me which meant my husband did not have to retire early. She has been wonderful to me. What she has done for me is absolutely something else.”

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Big Welsh Winner

In January 2008, shop assistant Christine Bradfield (53) and her sister in law Lorraine Williams (57) were playing bingo at Castle Bingo in Merthyr Tydfil, just like they had done for the last 11 years when Christine luck came in. She was playing on the National Bingo Game which involved linking up with other bingo halls across the country and it was then she became the first ever Platinum winner and scooped £1,101,686 and decided to split her winnings with her sister in law.

After her incredible win, Christine said: “We always share everything whether it is £10 or a £1,000,000. I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. Lorraine is a family friend as well. We’ll enjoy the money twice as much by sharing it around – we’ll go on a cruise together!”

Speaking on the bingo night in general, Christine added: “I feel totally overwhelmed and shocked. All together we only spent about £16 for all the bingo tickets on the night – but my husband does complain how much I spent on the bingo. He’s not complaining now though! I love playing bingo and have been playing it since I was 18. I’ve had a few nice wins over the years but nothing anywhere near this. I couldn’t believe it when they told me it was believed to be the biggest in the world. I didn’t sleep all night but Ray had to go to work in the morning. I work three days a week in a garage and luckily I don’t have to be in work until Wednesday – but I’ll be there then as usual. I won’t be giving up work – I couldn’t be at home or I’d be out shopping all the time spending the money!”

Lorraine Williams gushed: “It’s always me and Chris – we were like partners in crime and we always shared our winnings so I knew this time would be no different. When we were playing towards getting the million I yelled out ‘Chris we’ve done it!’.

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Housewife Wins £1,000,000

Lisa Potter, a 33-year-old mother of three from Oxfordshire was so fed up of her partner Terry Goodman watching the 2012 Euro Championships that she decided to play online bingo. Terry was so engrossed in Spain’s 4-0 win over Ireland that Lisa decided to play bingo. Lucky Lisa headed straight over to Ladbrokes Bingo, logged in and thanks to her only £5 bet, she scooped a whopping £1,364,745.23p.

It was the third highest win ever paid on the Ladbrokes Bingo website and after she had watched her numbers come in, Lisa said: “I had a spare minute and wanted to get away from the football, so decided to log on. As soon as I saw the size of the jackpot I thought it was worth a go and I couldn’t believe my eyes when it said I’d won/ I can’t remember much after that – it’s all a blur. My kids came into the room and we all started screaming. I’ve given them a day off school and we’re all still running around today – it’s like a madhouse in here.”

Lisa and her partner planned to treat their family to a luxury holiday as well as a new house and car.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes stated: “We bet she’ll never moan at her man for watching the footie ever again!’

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Butlers Bingo Big Winner

The biggest ever online bingo jackpot was won in December 2012 by John Orchard, a 60-year-old grandfather from Lincolnshire. It was a win that shocked the online community and beat other records held by Soraya Lowells’ £1.2m hands down.

John Orchard who is a Jobcentre worker was playing at the online bingo site; Butlers Bingo when he struck gold. He’s only joined the site a few days earlier and now he was walking away a multi-millionaire. His 30p stake on the video slot ‘The Dark Knight’ was where it all began and has insisted that the money wouldn’t change him, despite trading in his old Renault Clio for a Jaguar XF.

After his win, Mr Orchard waited hours to tell his wife and when he did tell her, she didn’t believe him. When the gambling firm called up to confirm his win, Mr Orchard handed the telephone to his wife and told them to speak to her because she didn’t believe him. Ian O’Farrell who is head of promotions and Butler Bingo said the online bingo site was ‘thrilled to be a record-breaker’ and ‘cannot wait to deposit £5,883,044.43 into John’s bank account.’

Mr Orchard speaking on his position at the Jobcentre and family said: “With all this money, I just wouldn’t feel right going back there. We don’t want this to change us for the worse but this is going to change our lives. We just want to do the right thing.”

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