Online Bingo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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Although the general aim of the game is the same whether playing online bingo or bingo in a bingo hall, playing online bingo will only naturally bring many new factors to the table.

There are lots of different styles of bingo for a start, plus you’ll have to sign up to a site and learn about payment options, promotions, community hubs and more.

There’s also the addition of chat rooms and casino pages to take into account too, and these factors can bring up many questions along the way.

If you’re new to the world of online bingo, then first and foremost don’t panic. This is a fantastic community to get yourself into, and there really is so much on offer once you’ve mastered the basics. Once you’ve played a few games you’ll fit right in, and you’ll soon be joining in with all the bingo lingo.

Here at we want to make the experience of online bingo much more familiar to you, so here’s a few answers to some questions that you may have during the process, and they are also linked to more in depth articles if you want to find out more.

Do You Mark Off Your Own Numbers In Online Bingo?

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When you play online bingo, the system is set to mark off your numbers automatically. This basically means that even if you miss or forget to mark off a number, the system will recognise it anyway and mark it off regardless.

The computer will know which tickets are winning cards before the game even starts, so if you’ve been generated a winning ticket then you will always come up trumps even if you get slightly distracted.

This is perfect for those players who enjoy to chat away in the chat rooms during games, or for those who like to play on slots or side games at the same time. It’s also great for players who purchase lots of tickets to each game, and it’s brilliant for ensuring a win on those quick paced speed bingo games too.

If you still want to mark off the tickets yourself however, then you can head into the settings menu and follow the easy on screen instructions to switch to manual daubing. You will still automatically win on a winning card tho, this can just add to the fun of the game a bit more. The automatic win system is a fantastic feature of online bingo, and it’s one that isn’t really possible in a physical bingo hall.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Online Bingo?

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You must be of legal age to play any form of bingo, whether it be online bingo or bingo in a land based club. This is 18 years old in the United Kingdom, and if you withdraw under this age your money will be forfeited and your account closed.

Most online bingo sites will need you to register a card or payment method upon sign up, and this is generally the case even if there is no deposit bingo on offer. The site won’t withdraw money from your bank account however, and these details are purely taken for age verification purposes only.

Some sites may also require additional documents before a withdrawal can be processed too, such as a valid driver’s license, passport, utility bill or mobile phone bill etc. This, again will be for proof of age only, and it’s just to help ensure that all steps are taken to comply with the rules and regulations of safe play.

Is Online Bingo Safe?

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Playing online bingo is generally very safe and secure, and it is very rare that any problems should arise. Every online bingo site is licensed and regulated by a governing body, and all online gambling should abide by a commissioning law.

Each individual online bingo site will also have their own set of safety measures in place too, and most have encrypted technology to stop potential fraudsters getting hold of any personal details such as your name, address and card details etc.

A lot of sites will also have rules and regulations regarding their chat room policy too, and there will generally always be a chat host available 24/7 should you ever come across any inappropriate language or behaviour between players. There will always be a customer service team available at all times too via live chat, telephone or email should you need to report any unusual activity.

It’s worth bearing in my mind that spending money anywhere online has it’s own set of risks regardless what the money is used for, so it’s always best to ensure that your own devices are equipped with an up to date anti virus software to avoid any inconvenience, as well as making sure you avoid any phishing emails with links attached.

What Are The Wagering Requirements When Playing Online Bingo?

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A wagering requirement is a term used to describe the amount of times a player must play through their cash in order to withdraw any winnings.

Therefore if you sign up to an online bingo site with a bonus wagering requirement of x5, then you will have to play though that bonus (and maybe deposit) 5 times before you can withdraw any winnings.

An example of this type of bonus is:

  1. Bonus = Deposit £10, Get £10 Free.
  2. £20 of funds to play with altogether.
  3. This £20 now has a x5 wager.
  4. You will have to play through this £20 x5 (£100) before withdrawing any winning funds.

Wagering requirements can differ from site to site, so always make sure you read through the terms and conditions before accepting any offers. Sometimes a high wager may mean you end up spending more money than the bonus is worth, but most sites do have very reasonable wagering requirements in general.

Can Two People In The Same House Both Have An Account At The Same Online Bingo Site?

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The answer is yes, but it does depend on the site. It doesn’t matter how many adults live at the same address, everyone is eligible to open an account at the same online bingo site.

Each person must have a separate account of their own however, and individual payment methods should be used to fund an account.

You should never use another person’s details without prior consent, and if any suspicious or fraudulent activity is suspected, a bingo site can ban you and you will lose any funds in the account.

Can I Claim An Online Bingo Welcome Bonus Twice?

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The initial welcome bonus offered is a one off bonus, and this is designed to reward you on your first deposit and welcome you to the site.

You don’t always have to accept the welcome bonus when signing up however, and you can even sometimes choose to accept it at a later date.

Most online bingo sites will always offer you further bonuses down the line, but the initial welcome bonus is rarely, if ever offered twice. You might be offered a first, second and sometimes third deposit bonus on some sites however, so be sure to check out the details on each site before signing up.

Can A Bingo Bonus Be Used For Side Games?

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This will depend entirely on the bingo site really. Each bingo bonus will vary from site to site, so always check out what’s involved before accepting the offer.

Some sites will state that the funds are just for bingo games, or some sites will split the funds between bingo and casino games or slots.

A lot of welcome bonuses these days will include free spins as well as a bingo bonus, so be sure to have a good look around and see which offers take your fancy.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Online Bingo?

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Ticket prices will vary from site to site, and the amount you want to spend is entirely up to you. Some games are completely free to play, while other games can cost up to £2 a ticket.

Generally the free bingo games are primarily for fun, and you will rarely win big cash prizes on these sort of games. You may win some bonus rewards or free spins perhaps, but all in all these games are mainly just for fun.

Most sites these days charge between 1p and £1 a ticket, and generally the higher the ticket price the higher the jackpot. Lots of sites will also offer promotions throughout the year too, which give you free tickets for paid games if you purchase a certain amount.

How Much Money Can You Win Playing Online Bingo?

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All online bingo sites offer very different prizes, so it’s always best to see what’s up for grabs before buying your tickets. Some rooms may have more expensive games to play, but this might mean that the pay outs are also bigger.

There are generally 2 or 3 chances of winning on a standard 90-ball game:

  1. 1 Line Prize 
  2. 2 Line Prize
  3. Full house Prize

Some sites will also have other prizes up for grabs along the way, including more money if a house is called within a certain amount of numbers.

There are additional chat room games that run alongside the bingo games too, but these generally only pop up alongside for fun. There are sometimes moments when physical prizes might be on offer however, so you could be playing for electrical goods, holidays, vouchers or even a new car.

There are always guaranteed jackpot games that dish out big cash prizes on certain sites too, and then there’s the big progressive jackpots that roll over and over until one lucky winner claims the prize.

Can You Play Online Bingo On Your Mobile?

Coral bingo mobile app screenshotYes, yes and in a word, yes. Most online bingo websites these days will have their own mobile apps that run alongside the actual sites. These can be downloaded so easily via an app store, and they will instantly show up on any smartphone or tablet.

The apps may not always offer quite the same variety as the desktop versions of the sites (although this is improving rapidly), but they are much more handy for on the go gaming.

You can play anywhere at any time, even on the bus, or in the park, or even on a lunch break in a café, so long as you have a good internet connection.

Why Do People Play Online Bingo?

girl playing mobile bingo app screenshotPeople love to play online bingo these days, as it offers a fun and safe way of gaming with plenty of big prizes up for grabs.

It’s a fast paced and exciting environment that is cheap to play with lots of chances to win, but it’s also a wonderful place to make new friends.

One of the main reasons that people used to venture out into bingo halls back in the day, was to catch up with their pals and have a fun night out.

This is something that has transferred well into the online bingo world too, and there are loads of ways to meet new people and get involved with community and social activities. Nearly every online bingo site will have chat games and community hubs to check out, plus most sites are hooked up to social media pages these days too.

This suits so many people since the introduction of smart phones and tablets, and it’s now so easy to play and chat away from the comfort of your own home. Online bingo is available 24/7 too, so it’s perfect for everyone no matter what your daily schedule is.

Do Men Play Online Bingo?

guy playing mobile bingo app screenshotAbsolutely.

Bingo is just as popular with men as it is women these days, whether it be playing online bingo or bingo in a land based club.

It is true that a lot of online bingo sites are geared slightly more towards the female market yes, but this doesn’t necessarily deter men from playing.

Bingo has been enjoyed by all genders since way back in the 1970’s, and this has simply transferred into online bingo too. It’s a fun and social game for everyone to enjoy, and this is partly what made bingo so popular in the first place.

Can I Play Online Bingo Whilst I’m On Holiday Abroad?

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This can vary from site to site, and could completely depend upon some the following factors:

  • The website/brand itself.
  • Where you are travelling to.
  • Your status in each country.

Generally the answer will be ‘not very easily’, but there are ways around it.

It’s all to do with license conditions and and the terms and conditions of the site you are playing at.

When Is The Best time To Play Online Bingo?

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There isn’t really a set time to play online bingo, however as you start to get familiar with the sites you may find you enjoy certain games more than others.

Online bingo sites operate pretty much 24/7, so it really does come down to personal choice at the end of the day.

You may prefer to play after hours where most people are asleep so there are less players, or you might prefer the peak games which have much larger jackpots.

I hope this page has answered any questions you may have, and if you still want a little more info then do have a read of the other articles available on this site. There is also plenty more information on lots of individual bingo sites over on our reviews page too, and these pages go into a lot more detail on what each site has to offer.