Bank Transfer and Bank Wire Online Bingo Sites

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Sending and receiving money using a bank transfer or wire is a process that has been in place now for well over a hundred years. Many moons before our beloved bingo game even really came into play.

The first records of bank wires and transfers date all the way back to 1872, when the Western Union banks would telegraph money over from one account to the next. By 1877 it started to become hugely popular worldwide, and over £2.5 million of funds were transferred in that year alone.

The process is still considered to be one of the safest ways of transferring money these days, although it does come with its disadvantages as it’s not always the quickest option. However if you’re someone who likes a more personal feel when it comes to banking though, it’s a really great option as you can complete the process face to face in branch with your local bank clerk.

It’s fair to say that it’s probably one of the lesser used payment options when it comes to online gaming nowadays, however most sites do still accept it and it’s nice to know you have it as an extra option. All online bingo sites generally offer it for both deposits and withdrawals, but it’s always best to look into it first as it may work out quicker and cheaper to use more advanced systems such as a debit cards, eWallets or PayPal etc.

Bingo Sites That Accept Bank Transfers

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The History Of The Bank Transfer

western union bank logo screenshotBank and wire transfers originated in America way back in the 19th century, and have since proved to be one of the most successful payment methods used throughout the world still today.

In 1872 a small team of bankers at the Western Union Company came up with a unique way of transferring funds from one account to another by using telegraphs, then this system went on to evolve the banking industry throughout the world.

The methods in which you can now do transfers have changed over time due to the introduction of internet banking and smart phone apps etc, however the fundamental aspects of the process still remain the same.

Western Union still exists today as a fully fledged company that now offer a multitude of financial products and services. They are currently one of the biggest money transmitters in the world, and continue to grow and evolve as each day goes by.

How To Use A Bank Transfer To Play Online Bingo

bank transfer screenshotUsing a bank transfer or wire to play online bingo is very simple, however it can take slightly longer than other methods such as debit cards or online accounts like PayPal and Ewallets. The process of transferring the money may involve going into a bank and waiting in queues etc, plus the time you wait for withdrawals can also be much longer.

It can however cut out the process of using online banking altogether, so if that’s something that you prefer not to do then bank wires and transfers may be the perfect option for you. It’s also a great choice if you like to do your banking face to face or on the telephone with a bank clerk too, as this way you’ll know exactly where your funds are going each time you set one up. You can obviously use online banking for bank transfers as well however, so if you’re short on time then you still have this option.

The only thing you’ll need to have available to you is a bank account in credit and the details of the account where you’d like to transfer the money. The process of then completing the transfer will essentially take the funds from one account and place them directly into the other. Any online gaming platform that offers bank transfers as a payment option should automatically have their bank details then displayed somewhere on the site.

There are essentially 3 different ways in which to make a bank transfer. Here is a list of ways including the steps to take to complete each one:

Making a bank transfer in branch

  1. Get all the information you need from the recipient i.e. name, address and the company bank account details.
  2. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account.
  3. Take photo identification and your bank card to the bank.
  4. Complete the bank transfer form.

Making a bank transfer online

  1. Ensure that you have internet banking.
  2. Prepare the account information for the recipient.
  3. Transfer the money through your online banking website.

Once the bank transfer process has been completed on both sides, the funds will then show up in your online bingo banking account. To withdraw any winnings via a bank transfer or wire, simply click this option when you make the withdrawal then the funds will go back into your bank account with 5-10 days.

Sending Money Overseas

transfer money abroad screenshotIt’s very important to note that a lot of online bingo sites are based abroad these days and won’t have UK bank accounts. This can sometimes then incur extra fees and make transfers longer, so here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the bank transfer option:

  • Understand the costs – It is always best to check and see if the online bingo site that you are playing at is based abroad before making a bank transfer. Sometimes depending on certain banks/bingo sites etc, it can mean that extra charges will occur for both deposits and withdrawals. Be wary of special fee deals as well as exchange rate charges and explicit fees.
  • Get additional account information – International bank transfers will also require a Bank Identifier Code (BIC) from both the online bingo site bank account, plus your own.
  • Make the transfer at the branch – If you haven’t made a transfer to a foreign bank account before, then it is always best to go into your branch and talk through the procedure.
  • Consider money transfer services – As well as your local bank, there are numerous companies that offer quick ways to send money without having a formal account. These services can however be quite expensive, and you will not necessarily get the same guarantees and protection as you would with a bank.

Not every online bingo site or bank will have the same charges when it comes to international transfers, so always check with each site before choosing a bank transfer as your preferred payment option.

Bank Transfer Time Frames

Again, a lot of online sites and banking institutions will have different processing times for both deposits and withdrawals, however here are the general payment guidelines:

Bank Transfer Deposit Bank Transfer Withdrawal
This can vary depending on certain banks and bingo sites, but generally it can take between 1-7 working days. Withdrawal processing times can vary also, but most sites take between 5-10 working days.

Bank Transfer Restrictions

The main restrictions of selecting a bank transfer for playing online bingo, are the fact that it takes much longer than other methods, plus it can also end up being quite expensive and costing you lots of extra money along the way.

This option I would say should generally only be used if you don’t have a debit card or online payment account, or if you prefer to do your banking face to face more personally. Most other methods are pretty much instantaneous across the board, and you can begin using the funds for gaming straight away. They also don’t incur as many additional fees either, so you won’t end up paying loads in charges and costly add on’s.

Bank Transfer Safety

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There’s no question that making a bank transfer is a very safe payment method when it comes to online bingo. The process may take much longer and incur charges over time, however if you do it in person at the bank then you won’t ever have to enter any information online.

It’s a great way to know exactly where your money is going, and it also gives you the chance to get physical receipts at the bank every time you  make the transfer.

You will always generally have to show identification when making the transfer or withdrawing money at the bank too, so this will give you even more peace of mind knowing that only you are in charge of this process.


If you should ever come across a problem when using a bank transfer for online bingo, most of the time you should contact your local bank. The online bingo sites themselves will have 24 hour help desks to assist with things affecting your bingo account, however if it’s mainly related to the transfer itself, then you will most likely still be advised to contact your personal bank.


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It’s easy to see why making a bank transfer to play online bingo may not be the first choice for most players, however it is still a decent option if you don’t have any other means.

Here are the main things to remember when choosing a bank transfer as your preferred payment method:

  • Bank transfers can take up to 7 working days to be processed for deposits and up to 10 working days for withdrawals.
  • A lot of online bingo sites are based abroad these days, therefore you may need to make an international bank transfer which can then incur lots of additional fees and charges.
  • Bank transfers allow you to make face to face transactions at your local bank with no need to enter any details online.
  • Bank transfers have existed in our society now since 1872, therefore giving you the knowledge that the system is highly established and a very safe way of banking.
  • It’s very easy to keep on top of payments via your local bank and personal bank statements.
  • It may be more difficult to get help if anything goes wrong as a lot of banks only offer Monday- Friday help desks.

Whilst using a bank transfer for online bingo may not be the most popular choice amongst players these days, it is still a very safe and secure way to both make and receive payments on most online bingo sites. By making a face to face transfer in branch you will have peace of mind knowing all the information about the transaction, and even online transfers are all connected to your personal banking account.

If you don’t mind the lengthy processing times and a few additional costs here and there, then a bank transfer is still a good option to use if necessary from time to time.