Bingo Payment Methods

online bingo payment methodsIf you’re looking to play for real money on an online bingo site these days, then you’re going to need to choose a way to deposit and withdraw money into your online bingo account.

There’s absolutely no need to fret over this however, as there are now a huge number of payment options available to players in the UK. As the online bingo world has grown and evolved over time, so has the choice of payment methods available.

Most sites will have at least 4 or 5 different banking options listed, so you’ll have lots of freedom to work out which method is best for you. The most well known and well used option for online bingo banking is a good old fashioned debit card payment, however you can now fund your account via bank transfers, PayPal, Ewallets and even through high street bookmakers too.

Below you’ll find a list of the most popular forms of payment methods for UK players, as well as links to more information about each option and which recommended bingo sites accept them. Hopefully this will give you a little more insight into each one, and give you a bit more knowledge and peace of mind when making an online bingo payment choice.

Online Bingo Payment Methods


neteller main logo screenshot

Neteller is a global online payments provider, with over 23 million account holders worldwide.

The company have been around for over 10 years now, and have provided both businesses and individuals with a fast, simple, safe and secure way to move money online.

It's a very easy option to use when funding and withdrawing from your online bingo account, and a wide selection of online bingo sites will have it listed as a preferred method these days. It's one of the newer methods around compared to other payment services such as PayPal and Skrill, however it's a trusted global business, so you should feel safe in using this option when making payments online.


paysafecard logo screenshot

Paysafecard is a global market leader in online payment methods, and the company is based in Vienna, Austria and active throughout 46 countries around the world.

The card works primarily like a prepaid mobile phone top up card, and can be purchased at sales outlets and then used by entering a unique 16 digit pin.

It's a popular choice with online bingo players nowadays, as it means you never have to enter any personal banking details online. It's also a way of using cash to fund your online bingo account, if you don't wish to use a debit card or don't feel safe entering your personal information online. You can't withdraw funds via a Paysafecard however, so you will still need to set up another payment option to take out any winnings.


skrill logo screenshot

Skrill is an extremely popular UK based service that allows payments and money transfers to be made throughout the internet.

The company started back in 2001 under the brand name Moneybookers, and they have since gone on to become one of the world's leaders in online payment systems.

It's a really simple service to use for online bingo sites, and all you need to sign up is an email account and a password. You can make lots of payments from just one Skrill account, so once you've registered with the company for your online bingo account, you can then use the service for other payments across the internet too. This can come in handy if you like to play across multiple online bingo and casino sites.


paypal heart logo screenshot

PayPal originated in America back in 1998, and has since gone on to become one of the largest global  internet payment companies to date. It's a fast and effective alternative to paper payment methods such as cash and cheques, and once you've set up a personal PayPal account you can use it for all sorts of things across the web.

PayPal is a really simple way to transfer money online these days, and it is a hugely popular method with online bingo players in particular.

By registering your PayPal details with an online bingo site when you first sign up, you will never then need to enter any card or personal details with the site itself from then on. Your online bingo account will just sync up with your personal PayPal account, and therefore it will be super easy to keep track of all your payments in one place.


visa card logo screenshot

One of the most popular forms of payment both to and from an online bingo site in the UK these days, is via the use of a Visa debit card.

This is primarily because it is such a well established and reputable company throughout the world, and most banks today will automatically provide you with a Visa branded card when you join.

It’s very easy, fast and simple to both deposit into and withdraw funds from an online bingo account using a Visa card, and nearly all sites will ask you to register a card upon registration anyways so your details will already be set up straight away.


mastercard logo screenshot

Mastercard are one of the largest cashless banking companies in the world to date, and it is definitely one of the smartest and safest ways to spend and transfer money online these days.

Mastercard is a hugely popular payment method with online bingo players too, as lots of banking providers will automatically issue one upon registering with a local banking branch.

As the card will be linked to your personal banking account, it is really easy to keep track of any online payments via monthly statements and internet or telephone banking too.

Bank Transfer

bank transfer screenshot

Using a bank transfer to deposit or withdraw money from your online bingo account isn't the easiest of options nowadays, however it is still available on most bingo sites if it is your preferred choice of payment.

It's an extremely reliable way of transferring funds as it goes directly through your personal banking provider, however it's worth nothing that it can sometimes take up to 10 working days to process funds.

If you prefer to do your banking face to face with the knowledge of complete safety and security of your funds, then a bank transfer or wire could be the best option for you.


cash transfer logo screenshot

There isn't really an option to pay using cash when playing on online bingo sites these days, as everything is processed via the internet. However a few of the bigger branded sites such as Ladbrokes and William Hill have services where you can go into the betting shops and deposit funds there.

You can also deposit cash into your bank account and then continue to make a bank transfer into your online bingo account, or you could then use the debit card which should have been issued via your bank for online payments.

There is also an option to use cash to put funds onto a Paysafecard.

Apple Pay

apple pay logo screenshot

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital e-Wallet service from Apple Inc. Its been around for just over 5 years now, and it works in a very similar way to a debit card transaction.

You link up your payment card to your Apple account, and then you can make both contactless payments and payments online via an app on either an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac.

Due to the recent increase in Apple Pay users, it is now becoming more and more available as a payment method across certain online bingo sites. It's still very much a new choice in general, but slowly and surely more sites are offering it to their players.

Pay By Phone Bill

boku company logo screenshot

Payment by phone bill really is what it says on the tin. You can deposit funds into your online bingo account simply by entering a registered mobile phone number.

The payment will be directed through a carrier billing platform like Boku, and this platform allows you to pay through your monthly phone contract or a pre-paid mobile phone.

Its quick, safe and very convenient, and allows you to make a deposit without having to enter any personal banking details, cards, PIN coded or passwords. It's a very popular payment method with online bingo players these days, and it's especially great for gaming on the go.