Online Bingo Chat Terms

Internet Chat RoomMost bingo websites nowadays have a dedicated live chat stream located in each bingo room. It’s a great way to keep the social aspect that is associated with bingo even though you are not actually in a bingo hall. However, when a player is watching the performance of their tickets it can be very difficult to participate in the chat room because it takes so long to type what you want to say.

Most bingo providers know that participation is key to forming a community and therefore have developed a list of chat terms. Each one only takes a user a couple of seconds to type but can convey a whole sentence’s worth of conversation. Some bingo providers have taken this one step further by adding emotions and animations to the slang terms, which is a lot of fun.

We have been trawling the chat rooms of bingo sites around the web to make sure that nothing is left out of our bingo chat glossary which you can find below. Some sites may have their own unique terms but the following should be understood everywhere,

1TG, 2TG 1/2 to go. Number of balls needed for a line/full house
? What do you mean?
?4U Question for you
*G* Giggle or grin
*H* Hug
*K* Kiss
*S* Smile
*W* Wink
((name)) Hugs
a/s/l Age/Sex/Location
AFIK As far as I know
AFK Away from keyboard
AFK2P Away from keyboard (to pee)
AKA Also know as
ASAP As soon as possible
B4N Bye For Now
BAK Back At Keyboard
BBIAM Be back in a minute
BBL Be back later
BBS Be back soon
BDT ‘Bout darn time
BF Boyfriend
BLNT Better luck next time
BRB Be right back
BTW By the way
CM Chat Master/Monitor/Moderator
CYA See ya
CYAL8R See ya later
CU See you
EMSG Email message
E1 Everyone
FCOL For crying out loud!
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FWIW For what it’s worth
FYI For your information
G2G Got to go
GF Girlfriend
GG Good game
GL Good luck
GLA Good luck all
GLE Good luck everyone
GM Good morning
GN Good night
GR8 Great
GTSY Glad to see you
H&A Hug and kiss
HAGD Have a good day
HB Hurry back
HHIS Hanging head in shame
IC I see
IYKWIM If you know what I mean
IGP I gotta pee
IGPI In my opinion
IRL In real life
JJ Just joking
JK Just kidding
JMO Just my opinion
JTLYK Just to let you know
K Okay
KIT Keep in touch
KOTC Kiss on the cheek
L8R Later
L8R G8R Later gator
LMAO Laughing my a** off
LOL Laughing out loud
LOFTING Talking in private (Loft)
LTNS Long time no see
LY Love ya
LU Love you
NP No problem
OIC Oh, I see
OMG Oh my goodness/gosh
OTOH On the other hand
PITA Pain in the a**
PLS/PLZ Please
PM Private message
PMSL Peeing myself laughing
POOF I have left the chat
PPL People
QT Cutie
RE Hi again
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
ROOMIE Player in the chat room
RTF Read the FAQ
SAC Sorry all close
SO Significant other
SOHF Sense of humour failure
SWL Screaming with laughter
SYS See you soon
TC Take care
TMI Too much information
TOY Thinking of you
TPTB The powers that be
TTFN Ta ta for now
TTYL Talk to you later
TX Thanx
TY Thank you
TYVM Thank you very much
UL Unlucky
VEG Very evil grin
WB Welcome back
WD Well done
WTG Way to go
WTH What/who the heck
YBS You’ll be sorry
YSR Yeah… sure… right
YVW You’re very welcome
YW You’re welcome

So now you know how to talk the talk!