Top 3 Best Free Bingo Card Generators

Best Free Bingo Card GeneratorsYou thought I only recommended bingo sites on this website? It’s not true, I also recommend bingo card generators.

I have run a handful of my own bingo games in the past, and there was absolutely no way I was going to create the bingo tickets myself. I’m bored just thinking about all that typing and stuff.

No, I used an online bingo card generator, and in doing so, I got some good insight into which ones were user friendly and which ones were not.

I even found some that I could have a bit of fun with, using seasonal themes, or targeting them towards different event types like corporate, family fun, vintage, etc.

The key thing for me though, was that I could get the tickets for free, so all of the sites I will recommend won’t cost you anything.

One slight disclaimer here, is that the number of cards you can get for free might be limited, so if you need a large amount you might need to settle for something fairly basic, or put your hand in your pocket and spend £10 or so.

Other than that though, have a look at this lot and see which ones you fancy. – Customisation Kings

MyFreeBingoCards ExampleAlthough this site limits the number of free tickets you can create to 30, it’s fantastic if you plan you run your game online – at least to some degree.

It’s also worth noting that each ticket contains 5 different cards.

You can send individual links to the bingo cards to all of your players, who then mark off their numbers on their phones or computers.

It is possible to print all the cards off as well if you would prefer, and you can use the site to call the numbers too if you like, so it’s a full service product.

One of the more unique aspects to is that you can customise your cards with any text that you want, maybe your company name, or a funny fake bingo club name if you are hosting at home. Whatever suits your bingo event.

You can also decorate them with a number of different themes such as Christmas, Halloween, blackboard and chalk, and more.

This is all available for 90-ball and 75-ball bingo too, so you can mix things up a bit during the event. – Simple and Stylish

LetsPlayBingo ExampleIf you want a bingo card generator that produces tickets that look professional with high quality visuals, but you don’t need fancy themes, then is the place to go.

You can choose from 10 different background colours, and they all look fantastic, but one of the main benefits is that there isn’t a limit on how many tickets you can create for free.

You are allowed to select up to 100 tickets, but every ticket can contain between 1 and 100 individual cards. This means you could create 10,000 cards in one go.

How many people are you expecting at your event? If 10,000 cards isn’t enough you must be hiring the O2 Arena or something!

The site even acts as a bingo caller for you if you need one, so it could be your one stop shop to an evening of bingo at home or at your local community group.

The story behind the site is also pretty sweet. A lady who lost her Grandma in 2017 built the whole thing in her memory, and it has been improving ever since, thanks solely to donations. Aww. – The Classic Look

FreePrintablePuzzles Bingo Card ExampleNow these little beauties look exactly like the bingo tickets of yesteryear.

If you are a fan of tradition then the free bingo cards available from are for you – and as you can tell from the name, they offer other free games too.

There isn’t much creativity here, but that’s not the point of the site. There are 4 different background colours to choose from, so the tickets aren’t completely bland, but other than that, the appearance is uniform.

In terms of numbers, you can create between 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 20 ‘books’, in one go, with each ‘book’ containing 5 different game cards. There is no limit on how many times you can generate new tickets either, so there’s not really a limit on numbers here.

You can also create 75 ball bingo tickets and 5 line bingo tickets at the site.

Each individual card comes with the site’s name displayed discreetly on it (not in front of the numbers themselves) but this does not impact how you can use the cards at all.

Other Generator Options

75 Ball Bing Card Generator

Now, these aren’t the only bingo card generators out there, but if you are looking for 90 ball game cards, I would suggest that they are the best all things considered.

If you search, you will find a fair number that either only provide 75 ball cards, or only provide word bingo cards (for teaching, as an example).

You can use these if they appeal to you, but I usually stick to 90 ball games so that’s what I know about, and I don’t want to recommend anything unless I have actually used it myself.

If you are reading this because you are going to be hosting your own bingo game, read this guide for some advice on how to make everything run smoothly.

How to Use a Bingo Card Generator

How to Use Bingo Card Generator

Honestly guys, it is sooooo easy.

Even if you are the most technophobic person in the world, you will be able to use these generators to instantly create the bingo cards you need.

All of the hard work is done by the software itself, so all you need to do is tell it what you want. Although the way you do this is slightly different for each site, it’s almost always a combination of drop down menus and selecting option boxes.

The 3 broad steps are:

  1. Select the generator you want to use
  2. Fill in the information
  3. Generate and print the cards

The image at the top here is from the LetsPlayBingo site generator, which is arguably the most detailed in terms of user options, so if you can figure this out you can use any of them.

All you would need to do is make your selections from the drop down menus, tick the box if you would rather have black and white tickets to save printer ink, then hit the ‘Generate Cards’ button.

How to Print Bingo Tickets

Once you have done this there will be an option somewhere to print the tickets and you’re done!

If you do make a mistake you can just start again, it only takes 2 minutes.

As I said, the layout and specifics will differ between sites, but the steps are always the same, so have a little play and get the bingo cards you need for your game, for free.