36 Ball Bingo

36 Ball BingoYet another game for those of you who like to get in, see if you’ve won, then get out again ready for the next game in a minute or less.

36 ball bingo doesn’t tend to be available as a game in its own right, instead it is a format used by games with a specific theme or ‘skin’ depending on your terminology.

Cash Cubes is 36 ball game and there is a Fluffy Favourites 36 ball variation too, but they are obviously better known by their real names.

That also means that when playing 36 ball bingo games you are probably going to be able to enjoy a special feature or two as well, as these sorts of games tend to jazz things up a little bit.

How to Play 36 Ball Bingo

36 Ball Bingo IMageAs always, while the timer is counting down players are free to choose how many tickets they want and can even select certain tickets they like the look of if they want to, discarding any that don’t feel lucky.

Once happy, it’s simply a case of waiting for the game to start. Be aware that the game will start regardless of whether or not you are ready, so don’t dawdle!

Also, most 36 ball games only allow you to buy one ticket per game, this is certainly the case with Cash Cubes and Fluffy Favourites since you can choose your ticket price.

  • 10p
  • 50p
  • 1.00p
  • £2.00

When the balls start being called the game takes care of everything for you so you can just watch and enjoy, but be aware that there is usually only one prize with 36 ball bingo and that is the full house.

You will no doubt see other features like a jackpot of some sort as well as any features specific to the game you are playing. For example, in cash cubes you can win over the long term by collecting 50 of the same colour cubes which is a good incentive to keep playing.

Your prize will depend on the ticket price you have been playing at:

Stake Prize
10p 50p
50p £2.50
£1.00 £5.00
£2.00 £10.00

So you can get 5x whatever your stake is as a small token prize if you have been playing for a while, but obviously you would be hoping for a few game wins in that time as well.