Cash Bingo Sites

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Playing online bingo has never been easier. There are such a brilliant variety of payment options available across most sites nowadays, and it’s so easy to deposit and withdraw money whichever way suits you best. There are even a few sites out there that still allow you to fund an account using cash.

The most popular forms of payment amongst most online bingo players currently are either debit cards, or online payment companies such as PayPal or Neteller and Skrill. This is mainly due to the nature of playing online, and the fact that it’s just easier to transfer money across the internet via the bingo sites themselves.

Other popular payment options include purchasing a Paysafecard which works in a similar way to a mobile phone top up card, or to make a bank transfer through your local bank. There are quite a few online bingo sites out there however, that also allow you to fund your online bingo account using cash. These sites are generally attached to land based betting shops, and therefore allow you to deposit and withdraw in person.

Companies such as Ladbrokes, Coral, Paddy Power and more, still have the option to visit any land based betting shop to fund an online bingo account using paper money. You simply take in your online bingo account details to any betting shop under the same brand, then you can easily deposit and withdraw funds both to and from your bingo account using cash. It’s a nice option to have as it avoids having to enter any personal banking details online, and it also allows you to easily play on any other casino/sports platforms that fall under the same brand.

Bingo Sites That Accept Cash Deposits

Please bet responsibly. Offers are for new customers only (18+) and terms and conditions will apply.
Bingo Site Min Deposit Software Visit
Betfred Bingo website logo Betfred Bingo £10 Virtue Fusion
T&Cs apply, 18+ #ad
Coral Bingo website logo Coral Bingo £5 Cozy Games
T&Cs apply, 18+ #ad
Ladbrokes Bingo website homepage Ladbrokes Bingo £1 Cozy Games
T&Cs apply, 18+ #ad
BoyleSports Bingo website logo Boyle Bingo £5 Virtue Fusion
T&Cs apply, 18+ #ad

This particular payment method does have its advantages, especially for players who aren’t in possession of a debit card. It’s also a good choice for players who perhaps prefer not to enter any banking details online too, and it allows players to both fund an account and also claim winnings instantly.

The Benefits Of Using Cash To Play Online Bingo

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This particular payment method may only be accepted at certain online bingo sites, however it’s a fantastic option in terms of safety and security. If you can fund your online bingo account face to face in a land based betting shop, then it avoids having to get involved with any online money transfers.

Instead of sending any personal details throughout the internet, you can simply spend the cash in person in the same way as you would spend money in a shop. It cuts out the process of internet spending all together, and you can play with the knowledge that you haven’t shared any personal details online.

Another benefit to using paper money to play online bingo is the fact that any deposits or withdrawals made will be instant. When you use another payment method such as debit cards or banks transfers, withdrawals especially can take a few days to process.

You won’t need to track any monies online or over the phone if you use cash either, as you will know exactly how much you are spending and receiving physically.

Advantages of using cash for online bingo

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Here is a list of some of the main benefits when using cash to play online bingo:

  • Safe and secure – No need to enter any personal banking details online.
  • Simple and easy – Easier to keep track of both spending and winnings.
  • Face to face spending – Knowledge that you will see exactly where your money is going in person with a vendor.
  • No bank cards – You can play online bingo if you don’t have access to a debit card.
  • Personal gaming – More of a personal and social feel to the game as you will spending your money face to face.
  • Traditional spending – No need to use internet or telephone banking.
  • Instant cash – Deposits and withdrawals are mostly processed instantly.

Disadvantages of using cash for online bingo

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Although using cash to play online bingo has its advantages, it’s not necessarily the most convenient.

It’s not as easy as using an online payment system such as an ewallet, and not all bingo sites accept it unfortunately.

Here is a list of the main disadvantages to using cash when playing online bingo:

  • Visiting a betting shop – You will have to leave the house and visit a betting shop in order to fund your account or withdraw any winnings. Therefore the process can take longer than using an online payment method.
  • Business hours – You can only fund or withdraw from your online bingo account during betting shop opening hours.
  • Identification –  You will need proof of identity to make any withdrawals from your online bingo account.
  • Withdrawal limits – Any winnings claimed will be subject to the amount of cash available on the day at a particular betting shop. Larger withdrawals may have to be made by contacting customer service and arranging a certain day to collect your winnings.
  • Less sites – Only online bingo sites that are attached to land based betting shop brands accept cash as a payment method. This means that you will have a smaller selection of online bingo sites available to you.

There are quite a few disadvantages to using cash when playing online bingo, however it is still a really great option if you’re playing on one of the branded sites that does accept it.

It’s there for people who prefer to place bets in person mainly, and is a good option if you already have an account with a certain brand for other forms of betting such as sports, poker, football and casino.

How to Use Cash To Play Online Bingo

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Using cash to fund or withdraw from an online bingo account is very easy even if it is not the fastest, and it’s a great choice for those who don’t wish to share personal banking details online.

It’s a safe, secure and mostly efficient payment method to use, and is a way of depositing and also withdrawing funds instantly. As you won’t be transferring any money online, it is more of a personal transaction just like spending money in a shop.

Below are some brief guidelines on how to both deposit and withdraw from an online bingo account using cash.


Depositing into your online bingo account using cash couldn’t be simpler. The way that it works in general is this:

  1. Firstly register with an online bingo site that is attached to a land based betting brand.
  2. Next take a trip to your local branch with the cash that you wish to deposit into your account.
  3. Provide the cashier with your online bingo account details and customer identification number, then the cashier will transfer the cash into your account.
  4. The funds will then be available to use instantly, so you can therefore start playing online bingo straight away.


The process is fairly similar for withdrawals as well, the only difference being is that you will also need to provide personal identification such as a drivers license or passport to take out any winnings.

Cash withdrawals are generally processed instantly too, however in certain cases when the withdrawals are of a substantial amount, you may have to contact the customer service team in order to withdraw the winnings in cash.

The Online Bingo Brands That Accept Cash

There are six main land based betting brands that also run online bingo sites. Most of these brands have the option to use cash to both fund and withdraw from your connected online bingo account, just simply pop into a betting shop and visit one of the cashiers.

As mentioned above, the following brands all generally have the option to either deposit or withdraw in person using cash:

Not every single betting shop will allow you to do this however, or some may only offer either a deposit or withdrawal service.

Generally though you should be able to make both transactions across most brands, but it’s always best to check with your local branch in person.

Cash Fees, Charges And Time Frames

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There are very rarely any extra fees or charges when it comes to using cash to play online bingo. There might be a minimum amount of which you are allowed to either deposit or withdraw at a time, but this will all depend on the individual brand and again shouldn’t incur any additional charges.

Time frames and transactions are almost always instant, and there will only ever be a delay should you not bring the recommended information. As long as you bring proof of identification plus any online bingo account details to show the cashier, then you should always be able to process funds instantly.

The only other time that there might be a delay in a transaction, is if you wish to withdraw quite a substantial amount of cash. It will depend upon how much cash a particular betting shop has onsite each day, and can sometimes mean that you will need to contact the brands customer service team.

Cash Restrictions

The only real restriction involved when making a deposit or withdrawal using cash, is that you will need to leave the house to do so. This is only a restriction however if you don’t live near a local branch of the site you wish to play on, or if you can’t visit a betting shop during business opening hours.

It’s also worth remembering that there are deposit and withdrawal limits too, however this will be the case with whichever payment method you choose to use.


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Overall, using cash to play online bingo is a good enough option, even if it’s not the most popular payment method used amongst most players nowadays.

If you play on an online bingo site that is connected to a land based betting shop, then it’s really easy to carry out payments face to face using paper money.

However, as so few sites offer it as an option, it will limit your choice of online bingo sites and mean that you can only carry out transactions in person during business opening hours.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using any payment method for online bingo, so here are a few things to keep in mind if you do decide to play using cash:

  • It’s a very safe and secure payment method using face to face transactions, however funds can only be transferred during betting shop opening hours.
  • It’s simple and efficient, just like spending money over the counter in a shop.
  • The brands that allow cash payments are all extremely well established betting companies. However unless a site is a attached to a brand like this, it’s unlikely that the majority of online bingo sites will accept cash payments.
  • Most brands allow both deposits and withdrawals using cash, however each individual company will have specific limits on both.
  • You will never need to enter any personal banking details online using debit cards.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are nearly always instant.
  • You will always need some form of identification i.e. a passport or drivers license when making a withdrawal, and some larger winnings may have to go through the customer service team first.

If you enjoy playing online bingo with a larger branded site, then using cash is a really simple and easy payment method overall.

It allows you to completely avoid having to enter any payment details online altogether, and as long as you don’t mind venturing into town every now and again to visit your local betting shop, it’s a great payment method to use should you prefer over spending online.