B-Livegaming Bingo Sites (Network Closed)

bingocams website screenshotB-Livegaming originated in the Netherlands in 2009, and was the first ever social gaming platform to introduce the world to live webcam bingo. This exclusive software created an entirely new gaming experience, and it still remains one of a kind today.

In 2011 the software came to the UK, and the first and only site launched on it was Bingocams. This site is still going strong today, and it remains the only webcam site operated by B-Livegaming.

Bingocams has always continued to offer that same personal experience, and with such unique features it still stands out from the crowd. Over the years the company have won several awards including Best Site, Best Newcomer and Best Online Innovation, and it is the only online bingo site to offer this exciting live webcam experience.

The engine can power live online bingo win moments, so it offers a completely unique gaming experience that focuses purely on player interaction. The software also enables live chat host streaming and private video chats too, and these are all compatible with the exclusive webcam feature.

B-Livegaming Bingo Network Closed April 2023

Closed SignDespite bingocams being one of the most unique and innovative sites in the industry it was forced to close down in April 2023.

Owners, Dazzletag, faced a difficult challenge upgrading the system to meet modern needs and in a world where online bingo is now dominated by cheaper third-party networks the single site network couldn’t continue forever.  The group announced:

“Unfortunately as our bingo system gets older, this has proved increasingly difficult, and we have been unable to enhance the bingo experience in a way we would have liked to.”

Dazzletag sites have now switched to running games provided by third parties like Pragmatic Play. If you are looking for a new network in light of the termination see our software pages.

A List Of B-Livegaming Bingo Sites

There are no sites with microgaming bingo games since the network has now closed.

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B-Livegaming powers the online bingo site, Bingocams. This is the only platform operating in the UK using B-Livegaming software, and it really does have that exciting and exclusive feel. You won’t find the software anywhere else, so all the games and features are completely unique.

The site was launched in February 2011, and it totally took the online bingo industry by storm. Players had never been offered a live webcam experience before, so it really was innovative and offered something new.

The aim was to create an online bingo site that gave a nod to the live bingo hall experience, and with the use of personal webcams players could meet and chat to other players. Never before had a site had such interactive features, and it really enhanced the community feel of the game.

The site continues to run to much success today, and after a few recent makeovers it’s now stronger than ever. The software has been advanced and upgraded over the years, and it is always kept bang up to date to match new generations in technology. Since the rise in smart phones, social media and tablets too, a mobile bingo app was introduced for live gaming on the go.

Bingocams continues to be the only online bingo website to offer this style of gaming, and B-Livegaming have never branched out into any other sites in the UK. This I would say is a really great thing, as the Bingocams website will get all of the attention. It will continue on as the market leader, and it will always be looked after to the highest standards.

The B-Livegaming Bingo Network

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The B-Livegaming software was engineered for over three and a half years before it was offered to the gaming industry back in 2009. The company itself is operated by Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd, and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Over the years the software has grown and developed, and it is now used throughout Europe and in the UK for Bingocams. Here are a few things that make B-Livegaming so different to other software companies:

  • The completely unique personal webcam experience – This is the only site to offer live webcam bingo in the UK, so it’s a totally one of a kind online bingo experience.
  • Player’s are always in control – You will still have a choice whether to have the webcam on or off during games, so players can control when they want to be seen.
  • Meet other players – This is the only online bingo software that allows you to see other players face to face. Other sites will have bingo chat rooms, but this gives you the chance to actually see each other across the screen. You will also have the option to chat before and after games too, so it really offers a social hub.
  • Exclusive ‘Live Win’ moments – At Bingocams when you win, your profile picture will be displayed to everyone. If your webcam is on when you’ve been playing, everyone else will get to see you celebrating. If you allow your Live Win moment to be used for promotional purposes, you will instantly receive a cash pay out.
  • Private webcam chat rooms – One of the biggest factors of online bingo is the chance to meet other players and chat away throughout games. Bingo has always been a great way to make new friends in general, and at Bingocams this experience is hugely enhanced. Chat away to people all over the UK, and get to know people more than just through words and chat games. You can opt in to have a private chat for up to three people, so you can catch up with the same friends every week.
  • Live hosts streaming – These will be real live chat hosts, streaming from their own webcams directly into each bingo room. B-Livegaming has actually developed its own training program for all hosts, to ensure that a professional manner is always displayed. The training process follows a step-by-step course, and provides full assistance and support to maintain friendly and knowledgeable hosts.
  • Customisation – This software will allow you to customise your gaming experience. This will include features such as sorting  cards, displaying hints, denying chat room requests and showing your status. There are also options for voice effects and animated cards too, again all available at your own request.

B-Livegaming Online Bingo Games

b-livegaming bingo games screenshotThe B-Livegaming network doesn’t offer a huge variety of online bingo games, but you will find a good selection all unique to the brand. The main bingo games come in either 75 or 90-ball formats, and you will also find a few specials available too.

The main bingo games from B-Livegaming available are:

  • 90-ball bingo
  • 75-ball bingo
  • 75-ball pattern bingo
  • Speed bingo games

There is also a unique B-Livegaming chat game available called Bouncing Bonus. This isn’t a bingo game as such, but it’s a mini game to play alongside your usual bingo games. It’s very fast paced and really fun to play and watch.

B-Livegaming Casino Games

bingocams casino screenshotAs well as being an online bingo game provider, the B-Livegaming network also offers live casino and slots games too. The games are all provided by other gaming brands, so aren’t unique to the software like the bingo games.

There are over a hundred titles of games to to choose from by providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Extreme Gaming. These include big branded titles, progressive jackpot and video games slots too.

The Bingocams site offers 12 casino and table games, with three live versions of the following games:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat

Other table games that are also available include European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, Craps and Kings of Chicago.


bingocams jackpot screenshotThe jackpots available on the B-Livegaming software will vary depending on the types of games you play. There are smaller much more intimate games, plus larger promotional games available too. You wont find any branded games here, but there are always huge progressive community jackpots up for grabs.

The casino and slots jackpots aren’t synced to the B-Livegaming network, as these games are all provided by external games companies. These jackpots will be linked across several other online bingo site software, so therefore may be higher that some of the B-Livegaming bingo games.


Bingocams boasts an excellence in the safety and security of their players in the company policy. The webcam software is completely unique, so therefore comes with a few extra online gaming rules.

Players will have the option to deny private chat and video requests, report any unwanted behaviour and generally feel supported when using this feature.

B-Livegaming and Dazzletag Enterprizes Ltd want all their players to feel safe at all times, so there are fully trained chat hosts and customer services representatives on hand 24/7. There will always be someone around to oversee the games rooms, and these hosts will have full knowledge and experience of the brand.

B-Livegaming Players

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Credit: RyanTir/Flickr.com

It’s safe to say that the B-Livegaming software focuses on player interaction and the social side of online gaming. Therefore it is assumed that its players will most likely really enjoy these aspects.

Bingocams is the kind of site that likes its players to get involved. Even though you can choose whether or not to have the webcam on or off, it is definitely a site aimed at social bingo players.

The live webcam features of the software are what make the Bingocams site so unique, and it’s an experience that can’t be found on any other online bingo site.

Some online bingo players may not want to get involved in the community hubs or chat room games, but I imagine that most of the Bingocams players will enjoy these social hubs.

The site was created to help get the feel of a real live bingo hall, where you can meet up with friends, and see other players face to face. The design allows this from the comfort of your own home, and it encourages players to experience things live as they happen.

Contact Details

Should you have any questions or problems regarding the software, the main way to contact B-Livegaming would be via email to Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd.

Visit the contact section at www.dazzletag.com. You can then fill out a submission form with any queries.

Alternatively, you can write to Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd at the following postal address:

Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd

Villa Seminia

8 Sir Temi Zannit Avenue

Ta’Xbiex XBX 1011



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Credit: KMJ/Wimkimediacommons

The B-Livegaming software is a completely slick and up to date network, offering exceptional online bingo gaming with a twist.

To sum up, here are a few factors  that I would say make this software really stand out:

  • The software was innovative, never been seen before.
  • It’s completely exclusive and the only one of its kind in the UK.
  • There is only one site in operation on the software, which means it will get the full attention in terms of updates, maintenance and customer care.
  • The live webcam feature won’t be found on any other online bingo site.
  • Live chat host streaming is also exclusive to the site.
  • You wont find private webcam chat rooms available on any other online bingo sites.
  • There is a great variety of classic style bingo and chat games on offer.
  • All bingo games are exclusive the Bingocams bingo site.
  • You will always be in control of the webcam feature and have the option of switching it on or off.
  • There are extra chances to win using the ‘Live Win’ moments feature.
  • There are endless amounts of bonuses and promotions ups for grabs.

If you enjoy the social side of online bingo and are looking for a site with a real difference, then I would definitely recommend trying out Bingocams. It is hugely marketed towards the social aspect of online bingo, and the webcam feature offers something fun and interactive while you play.

It gives you the chance to really get to know your other players, and you’ll have the opportunity to enter into a real community. You can win extra cash if you choose to get involved in the ‘Live Win’ moments, and you’ll be playing in bingo rooms that won’t be found anywhere else online.

Even if you’re slightly shy and perhaps not completely comfortable with the webcam feature, you can still play along on the site without it.  The option to switch your camera off means that you can still enjoy this great software and all its games, but you don’t have to participate in the live experience. This may not be using the site to its full potential, but you’ll still get to enjoy the B-Livegaming games and prizes.