50 Ball Bingo

50 Ball BingoYou can think of 50 ball bingo as 90 ball bingo lite. It plays in much the same way albeit with fewer balls and much smaller tickets.

Each individual ticket has just ten squares split into two rows of five, and all of these squares contain numbers – there are no blank spaces in 50 ball bingo.

Most people buy their tickets in strips of five, and each strip will contain all 50 numbers across the five tickets in one formation or another.

The numbers that can be found in each column are:

1st Column 2nd Column 3rd Column 4th Column 5th Column
1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50

This gives you ten of the fifty available numbers on each ticket.

You can also see each ticket’s individual identification number in the image below, but you don’t need to pay attention to this as it does not affect the game.

50 Ball Bingo Tickets

Being such a quick, easy, and small game, there are only two ways to win here:

  1. Line
  2. Full house/2 Lines

It is possible to win both of these with the same ticket, you just have to be the first person to complete a line and also the first person to complete the full house/2nd line.

This version of bingo is perfect for when time is short but you still want to squeeze in as many games as possible in the time you have, or for those that simply find bigger games too long and drawn out. There are faster versions of bingo, but 50 ball is a nice balance between a regular game and speed bingo.

It’s still a fairly new addition to the online bingo scene so it’s not that widely available (some might call it ‘specialist’), but it’s definitely worth a try if you do come across it.