New Slots For September 2022: Viking’s Journey, Deadly 5, Raging Pop & Wild Cash X9990

new slots for SeptemberIt is back to school time, so if you are one of the lucky parents who get to send their rugrats off to get some institutionalised education you may just find yourself with a little more of your own time this month.

If you choose to spend that time playing some of the hottest newly released slots, we have curated a selection for your playing enjoyment.

The first of the latest slots you’ll want to check out is Viking’s Journey, a nordic adventure slot from Red Rake Gaming

Viking’s Journey

vikings journey

If you’ve ever wanted to roam distant shores and loot, plunder, and pillage your way to great fortune then this may just be the slot for you.

A 5×4 video slot with an RTP of 95.4%, Viking’s Journey pays out only with combos of the same symbol in adjacent squares going left to right starting at the first reel.

This game has a wild. which substitutes for any basic symbol. Then there is a viking symbol, which appears on reel five and storms the eastern shores, triggering a respin as it hops from reel to reel.

Three or more kings also trigger respins. And if a viking and a king both appear, then the viking will attack the king, dropping wilds in his wake. There is nothing like the smell of regicide in the morning.

There is also a kings minigame, which is triggered if you accumulate 120 kings over a playing session. You start this game with 3 fixed coins and 3 free spins, and it ends when you run out of spins or fill up all the reels with coins.

Since plundering the villages in foreign lands is frowned upon these days, at least we can do the next best thing and play Viking’s Journey. It has sharp graphics, a cool theme, and some interesting gameplay. The background imagery is particularly stunning.

Deadly 5

deadly 5

Another hot of the presses slot that players will be giving a shot this September is Deadly 5 by Push Gaming. This wild west themed 5×4 video slot features a truly epic soundtrack, some pretty sweet artwork, and twenty different possible ways to win.

Deadly 5 is set in 19th century America when the Western frontier was a lawless place, and only the good sheriff stood between the townspeople and evildoers with six shooters.

The symbols in this game are really appropriate to the theme, you’ve got a couple of desperados, and some female bandits as well just to keep things even. Then a six shooter, a flask, some boots, and a horseshoe. It’s nice that they don’t rely on the generic A, K, Q, J, T symbols that a lot of slots use and instead go for unique choices that fit the theme.

Aside from the base symbols, you also have the Sheriff Wild (which can substitute for any base symbol) and the bonus safe, two classic tropes in any Western themed slot. If you are lucky enough to get three or more safes then you can enjoy 10, 15, or 20 free spins as well as 3x, 10x, or 50x instant win.

And during the free spin games the Sheriff Wild becomes a Full Reel Sticky Wild.

One more cool feature of this slot is that the desperados and desperadas can also become Full Reel Wilds, just by matching the corresponding symbol with the wild poster above each reel.

So if you want to help bring law and order to a world of anarchy and chaos where gunslingers and bandits have run amuck, then Deadly 5 is the slot for you. Can you save the townspeople, and earn some great riches at the same time?

Raging Pop

raging pop

Another slot that is sure to be hot this September is Raging Pop. The brainchild of AvatarUX and Yggdrasil Gaming, this African safari themed slot is a wild adventure across the African savannah. Lions and tigers and rhinos, oh my!

With appropriately themed native drumming music to set the scene and beautifully designed artwork, this is sure to be one trip you’ll never forget.

The high value symbols for this game are critters that you might expected to see roaming the plains of Africa, rhinos, lions, even a wildabeast. And don’t forget about the fish and the butterflies also.

This 6×4 slot is a “win all ways” slot, so you can win going either left to right or right to left, and if there are multiple instances of a symbol in one of the reels you get a bonus payout.

One cool feature of this game is that randomly during the base game, the board can increase to 5, 6, or 7 symbols high. When this happens, you also get a bonus multiplier, increasing your payout anywhere from x2 to x500.

3-6 bonus symbols will trigger free spin games, and the game board can randomly grow during the free spin games as well. Just like in the base game, reel expansion also triggers a bonus multiplier.

Are you ready to claim your rightful spot as king of the jungle?

B Gaming’s Wild Ca$h X9990

wild cash x9990

Are you ready for some fruity fantastic fun? If you like high volatility slots with a tasty theme, then you will be sure to love B Gaming’s Wild Cas$h x9990.

The symbols are a seven, a star, and then various types of tasty fruit. Well, except for the lemon, you probably wouldn’t want to take a bite out of that guy. Turn him into lemonade instead.

This 10 line, high volatility slot is great for jackpot hunters who are feeling lucky. Wild Ca$h X9990 is a fairly straight forward game. You have the base game, where you are trying to get connecting symbols going left to right, and the bonus game.

During the base game, 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols trigger the Bonus game. If 4 bonus symbols drop they receive a 3x multiplier, and if 5 drop they get a 10x multiplier.

For the bonus game itself, you receive a number between 1 and 999x, and your payout is your bet multiplied by that number.

This slot may not be super fancy, but that is part of the appeal. Just good old fashioned slot fun, with the added excitement of the bonus round payout.

Despite its simplicity, this game still has a lot going for it. The high potential payout is pretty sweet, and the graphics are pretty decent. Sometimes it is nice to play a simple slot without any crazy complicated bonus rounds or wild features.