mFortune - Closed

sorry we are closed signIn early September 2023 the owner of mFortune, In Touch Games, had their gambling license suspended by the UK Gambling Commission.  It wasn’t the first time they had been in trouble with regulators with several fines in the years before.  This is the reason why the UKGC chose to suspend the license rather than fine them again.

Following that news In Touch have decided to surrender their license entirely.  This means mFortune is now closed along with other InTouch brands.  Customers will still be able to withdraw but will not be able to deposit or play games.  At some point the website will be closed down and you will need to contact their support if you still have funds to withdraw.

If mFortune comes back it will likely be under new ownership and if that happens we will update this page and let you know.  It is unlikely InTouch will apply for a new license. For the foreseeable future the site is closed to UK customers.  It is a shame too as InTouch were one of only a few companies that ran their own proprietary bingo network and games.

mFortune Screenshot

mFortune first appeared back in 2007, and the brand was one of the first sites around to specialise in mobile gaming with specific on the go apps. The company really paved the way for the types of online bingo apps that we now know and love, and they really did create something innovative that the market had not yet seen.

The mFortune site was the flagship brand of InTouch Games, and although they only provided casino and slots titles to begin with, it didn’t take long for them to add some fun and exciting bingo into the mix. The company are based in the West Midlands in the UK, and the brand is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

If you’re looking for a great mobile app that offers some basic bingo plus casino games too, then look no further. The company are a lot smaller than some of the bigger brands out there at the moment it’s true, but this only means that they can focus on their own products, so it gets a lot of love and attention.

This is also one of the best sites for interacting with their customers. The chat rooms are always lively – you can even add people as ‘buddies’ and send them gifts – and the company have a huge focus on all of their social media pages too, so if you love to keep up to date with new features and prizes via Facebook and YouTube etc, then you’ll find loads of things to take your fancy on the various mFortune social hubs.

Bingo Games and Software

mFortune Bingo Room

Both the mFortune website and mobile app are powered by the unique InTouch Games software, so you will get a 100% unique experience here. Most other sites run on one of a handful of networks so it can all feel a bit samey – that is not the case at mFortune.

The choice of Bingo available is pretty basic in style – they only offer 90-ball games – so if you prefer a bigger variety of bingo to play then you may need to register with other sites for different variants like 75 and 80-ball games. If you are happy to play at more than one site though mFortune should definitely be on your list for 90-ball games, the set up is so good.

There are 11 different gem themed rooms to choose from, such as Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst and Ruby, and tickets range from 10p to 25p so the prizes are always worth winning even the ones for just getting a line or two. The room hosts are probably the best we have found, constantly chatting and answering questions etc, they are super friendly.

You can even choose your own avatar at this site and display your personality a little bit, and the plinky plonky music playing in the background keeps the mood light with the help of their bingo ball character mascot who is always reacting to what’s going on; for example, when someone is close to getting a full house he hides behind his hands as though he can’t contain himself.

Oh, and if you were worrying that there might not be many people playing here because it isn’t one of the big names then think again. InTouch have a loyal following and even early in the morning you can expect at least 20 people in each room, and lots more at busier times.

Progressive Jackpots

mfortune bingo games screenshot

To add to the above, every single room at mFortune comes with its own progressive jackpot that keeps growing and growing every time someone buys a ticket, and only stops once someone wins the lot.

These are not piddly amounts either, often growing to tens of thousands of pounds before someone takes one home. The great thing is that if one room’s jackpot has recently dropped you can just play at a different room so you are still in with a chance.

To win one you need to get a full house with 35 balls called or fewer, it’s as simple as that – it’s not easy to do though!

Slots & Casino Games

mfortune casino games screenshot

The mFortune brand originally started out offering just casino and slots titles, so this side of the business is in very good shape. It was only due to the popularity of these games and slots that the company eventually decided to add some classic bingo into the mix.

You can play 30 or so of their slots (which mostly have jackpots attached to them as well) as side games during your bingo, or if you want a rest from daubing you can head over to their Slots or Casino section to try your hand at spinning some reels or playing a few rounds of cards.

On offer is Texas Hold’em Poker, Roulette, and 21 Blackjack, and around 80 different slot games with various cool themes such as the Wild West, ancient Egypt, gold mining, Irish luck, etc. These are all developed in house so you literally can’t play these games at other sites, and they are all available as demos too so you can give them a try at not cost. Handy if you are a bit wary of blackjack, for instance, but are interested in learning a bit more about it.

mFortune games have their own unique style too, so all of these games feel different to anything you might have played before.

Payment Options

There are a fantastic variety of payment options available at mFortune, and all forms of payment are accepted on both the casino and the bingo sections of the platform.

Banking Method Max/Min Deposit Max/Min Withdrawal Notes
Debit Card £10 £30.00 1 - 3 Days
PayPal £5 £30.00 1-3 Days
Paysafecard £5 £ Withdraw Via Other Method
Pay By Phone £3.00 n/a Withdraw Any Other Method

Please read all wagering requirements and terms and conditions upon registration to the site as details are always subject to change. It does state on the banking FAQ page that it could take as long as up to 3 days to process withdrawals from non-depositing customers.

Loyalty Shop

mFortune ShopYou earn loyalty points as you play at mFortune, which is similar to many other online bingo and casino sites.

The difference here, and why it is worth highlighitng, is that mFortune’s loyalty points seem to build up pretty quickly in comparison and the prizes available in their loyalty shop are something else.

The range is outstanding, with regular options like bonus credit etc available at the lower end, but also natty little bingo ball keyrings, trolley coins, cuddly toys, all the way up to electronics like satnavs and game consoles, and experiences like zorbing (Google it) and spa days – you can even donate to charity if you would like to.

It’s great because you can save up for something significant or if you know you will never play often enough to do that you can cash in for something smaller, so no loyalty points should ever go to waste.

Customer Support

You will find a decent FAQ section on the mFortune website which is dedicated to answering most of your questions. If you would prefer to contact someone in customer support team however, then you can do so via the following options:

  • Telephone: Call +44 1384 884 468 (Lines are open 24/7)
  • Call Back Support: Text HELP to 85777 to request a free call back from one of the customer service team.
  • Email:

Support is available every single day of the year, even on Christmas day.

mFortune Bingo Logo

The mFortune casino brand is an extremely well established independent company offering exceptional quality when it comes to gaming on the go. They are spot on for mobile users with an app that really is a cut above, but are equally good for anyone who plays mainly on their laptop.

Although the bingo side of the platform is fairly limited in game styles, you will still find a nice choice of 90-ball style bingo rooms with great jackpots and prizes up for grabs and plenty of people playing alongside you.

This is a place recommended for players who like to get chatty, get to know their fellow players, and want to enjoy their bingo on a site that is 100% individual and not a clone of every other site.