Bingocams - Closed

Bingocams closed on 31st March 2023 after 12 amazingly successful years in operation.  Despite having a very loyal cult following the brand, that specialised in live webcam bingo, closed its doors due to challenges faced in updating the site and network to modern standards.

The site ran on its own network, B-Livegaming, and as a single site network it was proving costly to run when today most other sites run much cheaper games from third-party networks.

It is sad to see them go but all good things must come to an end.  They will certainly be remembered in the history of online bingo as innovative pioneers.

All is not lost, however, as Dazzletag opened another site called Bingo Stars that runs Pragmatic Play games.  You can check them out by clicking the link or more more bingo sites or new bingo sites see our other pages.

Bingocams Screenshot

Bingocams launched back in 2011, and are still the only platform offering their particular twist to online bingo. Bingocams was created with an innovative idea to combine the world of online gaming and the experience of playing in live bingo halls, using live webcams to bridge the gap.

Each individual player has the option to turn on their own personal webcam in order to see and be seen by their Bingocams roomies. This offers a unique and personal experience throughout, and enables players to take the chat room feature of most sites to a whole other level.  You can also upload a picture that is linked to your username / bingo chat room name.  This picture will flash up on the screen for all to see if you win.  Some people have photos of themselves and others have funny images or cartoons.  Again, this just gives it more of a friendly touch and people are more likely to remember a picture than a name so you quickly get to know fellow players.

The host has their webcam on all the time which players can see when using a laptop or PC device.  Having an actual person, on screen facilitating the chat room is totally unique and no other site is currently doing this.  This touch really brings the authenticity of the game to life and humanises the brand.

Since its launch, the platform saw a dramatic rise in its popularity initially, and although that surge eventually plateaued, the bingo community seem really happy and safe playing here due to its brilliant terms and conditions and well monitored chat environment.  There are clearly players that have their daily bingo ritual with Bingocams, playing bingo same time, same place.

It’s worth saying right at the start that you can choose whether to partake in all of the webcam experiences, including group chats and private ones, it isn’t compulsory. So if the thought of people being able to see you freaks you out don’t worry, and if you do decide to use the feature you’ll be completely in control of who sees your content.

Bingo Games & Software

Bingocams bingo rroms screenshot

Bingocams offers up two different types of bingo game, those being the popular 75-ball and 90-ball variants. There are a handful of bingo rooms offering different ticket prices (mainly 5p or 10p tickets), jackpots, prizes, and chat games, and all rooms have a really exciting live feel to them especially when using the exclusive webcam feature.

You will find the option to turn your webcam on or off in the chat area of the bingo room, but remember that there is no pressure to use it if you don’t want to, although you can bag extra goodies if you do, especially if you have a memorable win moment.

One of the biggest draws to Bingocams though is the daily free bingo that is available for all players who have deposited in the last 24 hours too. There is a fair old amount of free bingo and real cash prizes too, but the rooms are limited to between 250 and 350 players.

Most of the rooms aren’t open until the day gets going so it’s not a place for early morning daubing, and the site is certainly a lot quieter than other 24/7 bingo sites, but that can actually work in your favour because there is less competition for jackpot prizes.  It seems to be that there are 2-3 rooms ‘live’ at any one time and we have made many visits when there are less than 10 players, but don’t let this put you off.

Other Games

Bingocams casino games screenshot

As well as offering awesome bingo games, this platform also offers its players Live Casino options including Live Roulette and Live Blackjack, alongside hundreds of other table games and slots choices too.

There are way over 400 slots to choose from including popular titles such as Mermaids Millions, Twin Spin, Spring Break, and Game Of Thrones. In terms of developers you are looking at industry mainstays like SG, NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and even some smaller up and coming studios, so you can try new things or rely on old favourites.

Slingo games are a big feature at Bingocams too, and these games are perfect for anyone who hasn’t tried slots before and may be a little cautious about them. If you look carefully at the name you will see it is a mash up of the words ‘slot’ and ‘bingo’, and this is what the games are like – slingo!

These games will open underneath any bingo cards you have bought if played as side games, but you can also play them in the ‘casino’ area of the site with no bingo alongside. If played with bingo you might have to turn off the in game sound as it will play over the bingo.

Payment options

Banking Method Max/Min Deposit Max/Min Withdrawal Notes
Debit Card £10 £10 3-5 Days
Skrill £10 £10 12-24 Hours
Paysafecard £10 £10 Withdraw Via Other Method

Customer Support

Should any problems or queries arise throughout your time at Bingocams, you will find an FAQ section on the site that has a lot of information, although you will have to dig through it because it is basically just a long page of text.

If you’d prefer to chat to someone directly however, you can do so via the following options:

  • Live Chat: Available on the site from 9am to 9pm.
  • Email: Contact form found on the site.

User Experience

Bingocams New Website

It’s funny that Bingocams is the only bingo site harnessing video technology, because the site itself isn’t the most flashy or contemporary out there. It’s certainly not old fashioned though, and follows the trend for websites to be super simple and almost minimalist, with most options available from a sidebar that minimises when not being used.  The image above is a screen shot from accessing Bingocams on a PC, however using the site on your mobile phone or tablet does appear to be just as slick and easy to navigate.  The webcam function is not available on the mobile phone site, nor can you see the chat host webcam.

Everything has its place but due to the unique build of the site it does take a bit of getting used to; there are a lot of words on the home page which is very different to other sites. Once you’re familiar with all the features and menus though, you will not be disappointed with what the site has to offer.  It has a certain charm that you don’t get with many other bingo sites.

It’s a site that is best suited to players who like to bingo during more civilised hours. Most of the rooms don’t open until midday but live support is available from 9am to 9pm, bang on the watershed – so it’s not the place to go for late night daubing.  Playing on Bingocams makes you feel like you are amongst serious bingo players.  There is often a surge of players that arrive at approximately 8pm.

Where they excel is with themed events boasting huge prizes and bingo tournaments. These are run on specific days so you do need to check the calendar, but this is how most people use bingocams. It’s a great site to check and put dates in your diary, then log on when it’s busy and enjoy the atmosphere; it is less good for spur of the moment bingo.

The Hosts

Bingocams HostLike other sites, Bingocams have hosts that monitor the chat rooms and keep the chat flowing.  We must say, Bingocams chat rooms are a total hoot with some of the hosts.  There are a couple of hosts that are a real blast making cheeky, fun comments.  They have obviously gotten to know players and are very quick to say hello.

You can see the chat host on their webcam on the PC version (not the mobile version).  We think this is a great touch and certainly makes you feel like its more of a social occasion.

The host runs chat room games and we love how novel these are.  For example, players get to choose a number and the host literally writes it on a piece of paper, folds it up and puts it in a bag, to then randomly draw out a wining number.  The chat host sometimes holds up a home made cardboard wheel and will spin it.  Its bonkers but it works!

Please be assured (for those of you that ponder if the games are fixed), the actual bingo itself is run using a random number generator which the host obviously has nothing to do with, plus Bingocams have to uphold the terms of their gambling license.

Live Win Moments

These are a big feature at the site and they are a real giggle to watch.

Anyone with a webcam on when they win is invited to create a ‘win moment’ by celebrating in front of their webcam. These win moments are then made available for everyone to watch, and the best win moments can even win prizes.

Here is an example from one of their themed games where everyone dressed up for the occasion.

See? Great fun!

Again, this is totally optional but it’s good to embrace the spirit of the site and it makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.


Bingocams offers a really exciting yet traditional way of playing bingo, albeit with a modern twist. The variants on offer are a simple selection, but it’s more about the interactive and friendly live experience overall at this site.

The webcam feature offers a really personal way of making friends who share a similar interest to you, and the fact that you can play without the webcams too means you can vary your gaming depending on how you feel each day – you can play without the webcam in your PJ’s then switch it on once you’ve done your hair!

There is a fantastic variety of additional gaming available too, and the guaranteed and progressive jackpots on all games are of a really high standard. The values and ethics of the site are very customer focused too, so you should feel very safe when playing at Bingocams.