GTECH Bingo Sites

GTECH, an Italian company, started out life as the St Minver Network, and today is a popular group of online bingo sites powered by bingo software under the GTECH name. Despite the fact that the network is much smaller than it was years ago, popular brands like OK Bingo and Yahoo Bingo are still powered by the GTECH software. Since the company’s acquisition of the hugely popular and well-known gaming company, IGT for $6.4 billion in July of 2014, they have incorporated a strong selection of casino, lottery and sports betting games into their portfolio.

List Of GTECH Bingo Sites

The company’s headquarters are based in Rome, Italy, and they were founded in 1990. However, the company started out as a U.S. gaming company and remained as such until August 2006 when the Italian De Agostini Group completed their acquisition of the company. The transaction created one of the world’s leading gaming solutions providers, complete with strong global market share and the broadest catalogue of technology, services, and content solutions. GTECH manages several state lotteries in the United States and also has contracts to manage several more throughout the world. As such, the company is the license holder for the Italian National Lottery as well.

GTECH Bingo Network

All sites operating on the GTECH network offer the three most popular versions of online bingo, those being 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo and 80-ball bingo. The games can be played in various different rooms that operate throughout the day and night. It didn’t begin in such a way though, as originally the bingo network only incorporated 90-ball bingo games into their sites.

It would be late in the year of 2011 that the 75-ball and 80-ball versions of bingo would be introduced to the network, and thus brought more choice and enjoyment for players of the GTECH sites. Of course, 90-ball bingo still remains as the most popular and traditional format to play the game in within the UK and Europe, while 75-ball is more popular across the seas in the United States. Since 2011, the company has also included a version of 30-ball bingo into its network as well, offering even more selection for its players.

However, while there’s a nice selection of bingo games available, they can’t really be compared to those offered by other networks in any great way as the graphics and gameplay are quite generic. GTECH does offer quite a nice choice of side games as well, though, which is somewhat of a redeemable quality.


GTECH runs a monthly £10,000 jackpot monster game, played as a multi-line 75-ball game. This offers all players five separate chances to win a share of the £10,000 jackpot prize. In addition to this, progressive jackpots are included amongst the variety of bingo games, although these generally only come as part of the side games included, such as those for slot and arcade games.


Although the network is a shadow of its former self, the acquisition of IGT products has allowed the company to introduce several more side games into its portfolio. Therefore, alongside its 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball bingo game offerings, players of games on the GTECH network can also offer riveting mini games of such titles as Aloha Roulette, Chuzzle, Deal or No Deal World Slot – which includes its own progressive jackpot –, Funky Fruit, and Tens or Better.

GTECH has also adapted many of its games to be accessed via mobile devices. And this spreads out across the company’s many divisions of games, including not only bingo, but its slots, poker, sports betting and Blackjack offerings, amongst other things. This would all become possible with GTECH’s acquisition of Probability PLC in May of 2014, and would allow their games to be offered to both the U.S. And international market.

The developer has also included a chat feature into their network of bingo games, allowing players to communicate with one another, as well as with chat hosts and moderators. Profiles of the chat moderators are accessible on the bingo website as well, allowing players to connect a little more by being able to see an image of the person being chatted to. These chat rooms are, of course, an optional feature, allowing players the choice of whether or not they’d like to make friends via a bingo site.

While GTECH’s bingo network may not be as large as it once was, you can still be guaranteed of receiving great 24/7 customer support and easily accessible games. Not only that, but the sites are generally well maintained and operated, able to provide players with endless hours of action-packed gameplay, whether their choice be for bingo or any other products from the developer.

Contact Details

Since GTECH was assimilated into IGT, and the company was wholly renamed to International Game Technology PLC, the former website of the developer isn’t as informative as it could have once been. However, it is still able to be visited at;

The website does also provide a contact form, should you need to contact them. However, the IGT website is available to visit at, whereby the bingo section of the website provides an email address of as well as a contact form of its own.

In addition, a telephone number is provided as +44 2031 310 300