Tasty Bingo Review

Terms and conditions apply, new customers only (18+)

Tasty Bingo belongs to the Joy of Bingo network. Even though this is a standalone brand you are able to accumulate Joy Points on Tasty Bingo that can be used for special games offered at one of the few other sites on the Joy of Bingo network. The site’s design fits the theme, as it’s very “tasty” with lots of mouth- watering treats all over the place like pizza, apples, ice cream, chocolate and lots more. So don’t visit Tasty Bingo if you’re trying to stick to a diet!! It’s all very tempting to say the least.

Each tasty treat advertises one of the promotions offered at Tasty Bingo. As with all promotional offers, they can change at any time. To sign up they invite you to “Taste Now”, instead of asking you to “Join Now”. It’s fun to contemplate what delectable treats may be in store for us once we take our first virtual “bite”.

To register at the site you need to provide all the usual information, name, address, email address, your date of birth and a username. You do not need to provide your financial information just now though. Once signed in you can begin tasting your way through Tasty Bingo.

The first page you will arrive at once you are signed in is your Account page. This is where you will go to view your balance, including your bonus balance and the points you’ve earned for the promotions on Tasty Bingo. To start playing you just click on “Play Now” and you’ll be sent to the lobby to view all the games.

The Tasty Bingo lobby is totally different than most of the other brands that use the 888/Globalcom software as it’s designed to look like a cozy little restaurant or bistro. The menu is displayed via the “Tabs” that you would typically see at other brands. These are your menu choices:

  • Freesy Squeesy (the default tab)
  • Bingo
  • Instant Games
  • Pre-buys
  • Specials
  • Progressives
  • Joy

Your FREE bingo offering is found at the default setting, Freesy Squeesy. There you will see your choices, one room that’s open to everyone playing and the other room, which only invites players who have already deposited funds. All the details are there but the way it’s laid out seems a bit disorganized and difficult to decipher compared with the other brands on the Joy of Bingo network. Take a look at your choices and just click to begin playing.

The layout of the room looks similar to other brands using the same software however on Tasty Bingo there is a little more space allotted to instant win games to the chat room on the right and a bit more space to games above the chat, which is on the right side of the screen. In the centre you will find the tickets with all the prize information above. On the left of your screen you will see the purchasing options, which turns into your callboard when playing the game.

Tasty Bingo currently just offers two different bingo games, 75-ball pattern bingo and 90-ball bingo. On certain occasions they offer multi-line 75-ball bingo. These are usually only offered as special promotions however.