New Slots For February 2022: Snakes & Ladders, Extra Juicy & Shark Blitz

new slots for FebruaryWe move into the month of February and that means a new wave of slot games are being released for fans to enjoy. This month we take a look at games that have been released by some of the biggest names in the casino industry, ones that are expected to be strong, not only this month but throughout the year and beyond.

With some great gaming styles and features on offer in the games, we are taking a look at, there should be something for everyone here if you are looking for something new to enjoy this month.

Of the releases, here are the ones we have picked out as being the most interesting and the best games to be released in the month of February.

Pragmatic Play Release Snakes & Ladders Megadice

pragmatic play logo screenshotThe game snakes and ladders is one of the most popular board games, one that many people will be very familiar with. We’ve seen this game used in many areas before, including gaming, and now we have a new snakes and ladders themed game for players to enjoy. This comes with the megadice function attached to it, perfect for this game as it involves a dice, just like the board game.

This is a game that is full of features, and offers a different style of play, with plenty going off on the board to get you interested. If you’ve felt a little bored with regular slot gaming recently, this is the kind of game that will spark your interest, as it takes things to a new level.

In terms of the game itself, look for an RTP of up to 96.68%, depending on the moment of the game, while the jackpot on offer here is 5,300x your unit stake, so a good one to aim for. The game has the jungle theme that you would expect, though, of course, the main focus is on snakes around the board, with jungle animals making up some of the symbols that are shown on the reels.

There is a bonus game to aim for on this slot, which is based on the snakes and ladders board game. At the top of the slot, you will see a snake that has been split into 11 sections. With each wild symbol, a dice, you will unlock parts of this snake, depending on the number that is shown on the dice. Unlock all 11 sections and you will be taken into the bonus game.

In this feature, you will get 12-16 rolls of the dice, with the aim being to move around the gaming board and pick up rewards. This could be bonuses, multipliers wins or something else, while the board also features ladders to move you up and snakes to drop you down, just as the original game does.

At the end of your throws, if you have not won at least 20x your unit stake, you will enter rage mode, where you will rush to the end of the board and pick up all of the rewards on your way. You can also try to re-trigger the bonus game at the end too, you need to roll two numbers the same on your dice to do this.

We are seeing slot gaming move slightly towards offering a traditional gaming style to players, and this is another example of that. The game is a slot game but has a bonus feature on it that looks very similar to a traditional board game, which is what this theme is based around. Whether you are an experienced slot gamer looking for something a little different to try out, or you are brand new and looking for a game that feels a little familiar in parts, this can do both of those.

Extra Juicy Sequel Lands with Megaways Engine

extra juicy megaways

Extra Juicy was originally released two years ago and gained an army of fans who were looking for a very simple and easy to play, fruit-themed game. Fast forward to the present day and we have a sequel released, which adds the Megaways gaming engine to add more depth to the game and offer players something new while keeping the same theme.

It is fair to say that there is nothing new or innovative with this game, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Simple, likeable elements, such as the fruit theme and the Megaways engine have been put together here with perfection, creating a great game.

We have the standard number of maximum win lines from Megaways of 117,649, while the RTP on the game is a strong 96.42%. As for the jackpot win, this is 5,000x your unit stake on the game, strong enough to aim for, even though it may be a little less than some other Megaways titles.

As for features, cascading reels are in play here, but these take away the entire line where you have won, even the symbols that weren’t part of the win, except for scatters and multipliers. This should give you, even more, change on the reels and more chance to win money. The diamond scatter symbol is the one that will take you to the free spins part of the game, and you need to land this on 4-6 reels, which provides 12-20 free spins. There is no limit to the number of scatters you can receive, so you could in theory fill the board with scatters.

It is probably fair to say that this game offers nothing new at all to players, however, it still looks certain to have appeal. Megaways fans will be pleased to see another game using the engine, while those who played the original Extra Juicy title will be able to enjoy a new, updated version of the game, with the added bonus of Megaways.

Sharks Added to the Playtech Blitz Series

shark blitz

We have seen Playtech add to their Blitz series in the past, and now have both rhinos and buffalos as part of that. A third animal has now come on board, and that is sharks, they have entered and the game Shark Blitz from Playtech will be released in February 2022.

The blitz games work in the same way, there are five reels, with three symbols on the outer two, and five on the middle three. This gives 5,625 different ways to win across them, an RTP of 95.10%, and something huge to chase for jackpot hunters.

In terms of this game on its own, there is a 37,500x jackpot on offer, which is very big, and enough for the majority of people alone, without anything else. However, on top of that, there is the blitz network progressive jackpot you can aim for. This is won by playing the bonus game, which can be triggered randomly on any blitz slot, play this game and you will take home one of the four progressive jackpots, for a potentially huge win.

The bonus progressive game offers you 20 symbols to choose from, and you choose these until you have three matched of the same symbol, which determines the prize you win.

In terms of the theme of the game, sharks play a heavy role, but other ocean creatures are in this title too, to add some variety, so expect to see a lot of fish and creatures from the ocean during your time playing. This is a series that could grow at a rapid rate in 2022, there is a lot of scope for more animals to be added to the game, and should that happen, more players will only increase the progressive jackpots on offer.

If you are looking for something to play, not only now, but as it grows in the future, this game and series from Playtech could be for you.