New Slots For April 2022: Spirit Of Adventure, Bison Bonanza & Anaconda Uncoiled

A new month has arrived in the world of slots, and we have an abundance of games hitting your screens over the coming months. Here we are going to take a look at the best of them, and what really excites us as we get moving towards summer.

Go on an Adventure with the New Slot from Pragmatic Play

new slots for AprilKicking off the month, we have a new slot from Pragmatic Play which is named Spirit Of Adventure. With an adventure theme that is based around a female character called Tiki. This game has a variety of adventure-themed symbols, with relics that you can collect, as well as some great looking gems. In the game, you find yourself on an island in the Pacific Ocean, with Tiki by your side, and the world in front of you.

The game has a strong maximum payout on offer for players, standing at 5,100x your unit stake. On top of this, the game offers a good RTP too, which is variable depending on where you play, but the biggest is a huge 96.6%.

Look out for the adventure wild, a symbol you won’t be able to miss, this will take you into a free spins game, where you can use your free spins to try and land the big win. The relic symbols have a monetary value attached to them, and when you are in this game, joining them together on the reels will allow you to collect them, and pick up the prize listed.


The game theme is what really appeals here, this is very strong and ideal for those who are looking to try and find a slot that has a storyline, and something to link with, rather than a simple slot, with no real story. Combined with the fact there is a character as part of the game, this will certainly help the game appeal to those who are interested in storylines.

If you’ve played any of the Indiana Jones series and enjoyed them, this is a game that runs with a similar style and theme, with the main character, a story and an adventure to go on. The game has certainly been modelled on this style, and it clearly shows.

For those looking to go on an adventure, looking for a theme and character to enjoy playing alongside, and who have enjoyed these games before, the Spirit Of Adventure game is likely to be something you will enjoy.

Blueprint Gaming Release Bison Bonanza


Another game coming out this month with a big jackpot to aim for is Bison Bonanza, which comes from Blueprint Gaming. Headlining the game details here is without a doubt the big jackpot that is on offer. A maximum payout of 10,000x your unit stake is in place, which will no doubt get many players interested, and is a stand out feature of the game for those who go jackpot hunting.

Elsewhere, there is plenty more to like about the game and despite the strong jackpot on offer, the game still offers a good RTP, which is 96.5%. There are six reels on the screen, with five symbols shown on each, and rather than the traditional pay lines in play, we have scatter pay on this game, which is great for those who are looking to find something a little different.

Not only do we have the scatter pay system, but you will also find cascading reels and scatter symbols that take you into a free spins game, where you will find multipliers to increase your winnings up to 500x. To win on the slot, you need to have a minimum of eight symbols of the same type on the screen, this is from a total of 30 that are shown at any point. With cascading reels in play, when you have a win, the reels will drop to fill in the gaps, and that could result in another win when new symbols are added to the top of the reels.

Scatters will take you into the free spins game, where you have the choice of four options that will determine your free spins and the multiplier you receive.

  • 5 free spins, multiplier ranges from 8x to 500x
  • 8 free spins, multiplier ranges from 4x to 200x
  • 12 free spins, multiplier ranges from 2x to 100x
  • Random spins and multiplier

This is a game that will appeal to seasoned gamers who are looking for titles that offer something different. If you want a game that provides that, through the cluster pay system, cascading reels and free spins game, while also offering a strong jackpot, then Bison Bonanza is a game that you are going to love in the month of April and beyond.

Playtech Releases Third Game in Anaconda Series


The final game to look at that is coming out in April is part of a series that many people have enjoyed in the past, so for that reason, the game is expected to be a real success. The Anaconda series from Playtech is the one in question, and the newest title is called Anaconda Uncoiled. This follows on from Anaconda Wild I and Anaconda Wild II, offering many of the same looks and features, but also bringing small new touches that will keep lovers of the series interested.

The game has six reels, with four symbols on each reel and they combine for a total of 50 pay lines that players can aim for. The game has a jackpot of 1729x your stake, while the RTP of the game is 95.94%.

There are two wild symbols that the features of this game focus around. The first is a traditional wild, which will replace any symbol to give you a winning line. Alongside this, a second wild is available, which will trigger respins and potentially more. A snake will appear at this point and can do anything, including moving out of the gaming area, which could result in additional reels and symbols being available for those spins.

At the end of the feature, every position where the snake has been will turn into a wild symbol, so if the snake has been around your board for a few spins and into different positions, then you are going to get a lot of wilds on the table. Do this, and your chances of creating some winning lines are high, which could lead to a nice payout at the end of the feature.

The graphics on the game have taken a step forward with this release, and look to be more modern, with a fresh feel to them. In terms of other replacements, things have got slightly better, without too much in terms of change. Those who have enjoyed the series before will enjoy this game, but at the same time, they won’t notice much of a difference.

If you are looking for a new game to try out, and you are looking for a series to be involved in, the Anaconda series from Playtech is certainly one to consider. This new game in the series is the third, all three are strong, and while they are similar games, they have enough differences to make them stand out.