New Slots For April 2020: Super Striker & Farm Yarn Favourites

new slots for AprilWe head into April and have several good looking slot games set for release this month. They include a game based on farm animals for those who like farms and the animals inside them and we also have a new football game to look forward to. There is also something that people will have been looking forward to for months and that is a new slot based on the hugely popular TV series Game Of Thrones.

This is likely to be the release that catches the eye of most people, with no football being played at the moment due to the coronavirus. This slot could receive a lot of extra attention from football fans looking for something to do while no action is taking place on the field.

Here is a look at what is being released in April 2020.

NetEnt Timely Release of Football Slot Super Striker

netent super striker

There is pretty much no football taking place anywhere around the world at the moment due to the coronavirus outbreak. That has left football fans and those who bet on football with a hole to fill. NetEnt appears to have arrived on the scene at just the right time with their new football slot game Super Striker, which is set to arrive in April 2020.

With what is happening in the world right now, no football being played and major competitions being cancelled, this game could not have arrived at a better time. This is a really simple game, with just three reels and five pay lines, so those who aren’t used to playing casino games but want to try something due to the lack of football will be able to pick this up very easily.

There is a big feature in this game that is going to make it appeal to football gamblers even more and that is the betslip feature. Here you decide which symbol you feel will appear the most during a selected number of spins and you place a side bet on that to happen. This means you are actually placing a bet on this slot game, while also betting on the standard pay lines.

You won’t find any other special features on the game or wilds to look out for but there is an opportunity to win free spins while playing which is good to see.

If you are feeling down due to the lack of football and you want something to pick you up and play then Super Striker from NetEnt could have arrived at the perfect time. With a football theme and the ability to place a bet on the game, this is really going to appeal to football fans who are currently missing the action and have nothing to bet on.

Microgaming Produce New Game Of Thrones Slot

game of thrones power stacks

Microgaming holds the rights to use the brand name Game Of Thrones and have already created a slot game based on the show. However, that was released some years ago and focused on the early part of the TV series so does look a little dated now that the show has ended.

However, for fans thinking that and hoping for a new slot game to play, the wait is over and Game Of Thrones: Power Stacks comes out in April.

The game has many key characters inside for you to recognise and play along with, while some of the smaller symbols are replaced by the house badges of the various houses from the TV show.

The Game Of Thrones TV series ended last year but that hasn’t stopped people talking about it and watching re-runs. This is a huge series and one that had global appeal to it, so there is certainly an appetite for a new slot game to be released, even though the show is over. It is unlikely we have seen the last of it on TV though, as there are rumoured to be spin off’s coming from the series shortly, so it is likely to remain relevant for a very long time.

As for this game itself, this is a progressive jackpot game, so those will be the key focus for players. The game has five reels and inside the Power Stacks network is where the big payouts are to be found. There are multiple progressive jackpots to aim for here, with the ability to win a life-changing sum of money if you are lucky enough to land one.

There has been much anticipation surrounding a new Game Of Thrones slot and it is finally here for players to enjoy.

Blueprint Gaming Release Farm Yarn Favourites

farm yarn

If you like farmyard animals and you want a simple and fun game to play then Farm Yarn Favourites from Blueprint Gaming could be the perfect game for you. This is a game set on a farm, with many different animals coming together for the symbols of the game. As the name Farm Yarn suggests, the symbols are all made out of wool which makes them look different and gives the game a really fun and simple feel to it.

As you play along, it is also simple to keep up so this is a game that will be perfect for newcomers to casino gaming to play. There are five reels across the slot and a total of 25 pay lines to play on each spin.

While the game is simple looking and easy to follow, that doesn’t mean there aren’t features on here to enjoy because this game is packed with them. Look out for scarecrows while you are playing as they double up to be two important symbols. They are the wild symbol on the game, which means they can be used to make up different combinations to give you winning lines.

These are also the scatter symbol too, so try and get three of these on the reels. This will take you into a Farm Yarn feature where you can win free spins, with between 15 and 25 available. There is a 3x multiplier that triples winnings during this game mode too, so not only are you playing for free, but any winnings are tripled for you.

Another feature of this game is the Cash Tractor Trail. This is activated by having three tractor symbols on the reels. Should you get this then you will head along a trail picking up lost sheep. Each one has a prize value attached to it, which is revealed when you take the sheep back to the barn to be shaved.

Finally, you can add your own boost with the Power Play function. This increases the wild multiplier from 2x up to 10x, and although it requires an additional wager to play in this way, it is perfect for those looking to win big on a few spins.

This is a simple game with a simple theme that looks great, but it is packed with features and additional bonus games that will keep you entertained for a long time. Farm Yarn Favourites has ticked many boxes for slot gaming fans, and this is set to be an incredibly popular release for those looking to relax with a fun slot game over the coming months.

Sports Themed Slots Set to be Popular this Summer

With a complete lack of sports taking place right now, it would be no surprise to see developers try and push out some sports based slot games onto the market. We usually see these released in the summer months when many sports and leagues take a break, or just before major events.

However, with nothing happening in the sporting world right now, this is the perfect time to release any that are ready. We could see release dates moved forward for games that were scheduled for release around the Euro 2020 Championships or the Olympics. Both were set to take place this summer but have been cancelled due to coronavirus.

With no sport, there is little to bet on with the bookmakers and that leaves sports betting fans looking for something else to do with their time. This is why sports themed slot games are going to be more popular than ever before. If these sports fans do make the move into slot gaming, then they are likely going to play something they are familiar with rather than a random theme.

It is expected that developers will try and cash in on that over the coming weeks, and casinos could find themselves more popular than normal thanks to the gap in sports betting we have at the moment.