Benefits of Online Bingo Vs Bingo Halls

Although the concept is the same, online bingo and offline bingo are completely different. The decline of land based bingo halls is due to the popularity of online bingo – but what makes online bingo so popular?

Advantages of Online Bingo

Players love to play bingo online because there are so many advantages involved:

  • You can play 24hours day – so no set session times involved. New games start every few minutes and you can play in as many or as few as you like.
  • No need to get dressed up to the nines to visit your local bingo hall, because you can play in your pyjamas and slippers from the comfort of your own home. No more taking ages to get ready and driving down to your local bingo hall.
  • Hundreds of online bingo sites to choose from.
  • Free bingo – yes please! When you visit your land based bingo hall, you have to pay for your tickets naturally, or there would be no prize money – but online you get to play free bingo in many forms. Some online bingo sites offer a free no deposit bonus when you join, allowing you to test drive the site and other sites offer free bingo rooms and free bingo games. Obviously, in the free bingo games, you won’t win a great deal of cash, but what you do win is designed to keep you ticking over.
  • Prebuy bingo tickets for the upcoming jackpot games, so you don’t miss out. You don’t even have to be logged into the bingo site to win either, because the system recognises if you have purchased winning bingo tickets and will automatically credit your account.
  • Have you missed it? If you miss a number when you play online bingo, there’s no panic involved, because the system will ay you when you win whether you miss one number or all of them.
  • Automatic – all bingo sites are set that the bingo tickets will automatically daub themselves, so you can buy as many tickets as you like and not be daubing them like a headless chicken.
  • More variety. They say variety is the spice of life and that’s certainly the case with online bingo because you get more choice of games to play such as 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball, 30 ball (speed bingo) and other specialised games.

Benefits of Land Based Bingo Halls

There are few benefits that visiting your local bingo hall can give you and one of which is the instant payout facility. When you win online bingo, you have to wait for the cash to be processed before it reaches your account, but in a bingo hall, the cash is given to your instantly when you win. This means you don’t have to wait between 2 and 10 days to get your hands on your winnings.

Another benefit of the bingo hall is socialising. It’s a great way to get out and meet new people or just get out of the house. I love playing online bingo, but a few times every month I will go to my local bingo hall, which is over an hour away – just to get away from things.

Bingo Hall Disadvantages

When you play at a bingo hall, you only get to play the traditional 90 ball bingo. You’ll have to be alert when playing too. Firstly, you have to decide how many bingo tickets you’ll be able to mark efficiently – because if you buy 2 lots of books and are slow at marking, you will inevitably miss numbers and miss a potential win. Some callers are quick callers, so only mark the books you feel comfortable marking.

Another thing is to listen up. If you have poor hearing, you should sit as close to bingo caller as you possibly can, so you can see the numbers that are called on the board or TV.

Finally shout loud! If you have a win, then make sure you shout as loud as you can because some bingo halls are rather large and when these are filled with people, bingo shouts can easily be missed.

Young and Old

The vast majority of online players are young, this is because the older generation may not have a grasp of the internet and latest technology. I tried to teach my mum how to use an iPad and she just doesn’t get it and she’s only 60.

In the bingo halls, you’ll notice that the majority of players are older – this is because they have grown up with land based bingo, know how it’s played and play it as a way of getting out of the house.